Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ark of Rest ~ An Amazing LIterary Accomplishment! by Paula Rose Michelson

I love reviewing books written by believers! I'm delighted and at times find it hard to chose what to read because of the vast array of fiction that espouses our Christian/Messianic beliefs. Equally compelling has been my realization that none of the novels I've read were written with a hidden message. This is important to me because as both a Pastors' and missionaries wife who writes faith stories, I take umbrage with faith tracks masquerading as literature. I share this sentiment with you today so when you read my 5 Star Review of This Modern Masterpiece, you will understand that the author, Pastor Jimmy Garland is telling a story not preaching a salvation message.

Ark of Rest is a Must Read for any who wonder what might precede the end times spoken of in Scripture. Beginning with the times we are living in, the author shows us how the rapture might occur as he weaves in 21st century technologies and way of life, the reality or rural America, the FBI Special Cult Unit, science fiction, biblical prophesy, and personal choices made by those who believe in themselves and those who know and trust God. This astounding wordsmith takes the reader on a never imagined journey where people chose to either believe in themselves or Gods only anointed Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Where other authors have shown a possible fulfillment of end time prophetic Scriptures in such notable work as The Left Behind Series, Pastor Garland's masterpiece not only shows a unique spirit-filled view of the rapture, but looking back in anguish, the non-believer experiences ever increasing agony over choices he wished he could undo, the Pastor looks back at his life and faith failures in horror but instead of hearing condemnation, he sees how God used those situations to draw people to Himself.

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