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2 Many Automated Posts on Facebook & Twitter & You May Be...

Every day we get to choose. What we choose defines us and at times negatively impacts us! The Good News is that we can always make a  different choice thus sidestepping what might have...

This week a friend contacted me because, like my experience of a few years ago when I posted too many of my reviews for my author friends books one after another, Facebook had kicked this person off. Using an automated posting system, my friend had been posting simultaneously on as many as 70 groups! And seeing the potential benefit, my friend offered to help others!

WARNING! Though I knew both Facebook and Twitter monitored our posting activity, I had begun a love affair with Hootsuite. This automated posting was a much appreciated and unexpected blessing to me when my shoulder injury made it hard for me to post as I always had. Though I loved posting to each of my hand picked groups, I began to rely on that system. Soon I'd added what seemed to be a million more Facebook author, book, e-reader, and other groups knowing I could automate posts into the future and they’d be done! Like Mickey Mouse in Disney’s classic movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I was hooked!

Sure I missed the thrill a friend or someone I didn’t know giving my post a high-five! I’d enjoyed letting them know that they mattered to me. But since I wasn’t supposed to be online, I deluded myself into believing that this technology was ‘the bomb’ until… Having automated my posts for early morning, and feeling somewhat better, I searched Facebook and much to my horror discovered my posts had NO picture of the book I’d posted about. Furthermore, the beginning of the back matter that always appeared when I’d done these posts myself was missing.

Upset! Sure I WAS UPSET! So thinking I could fix the issue, I edited the post. However, I knew Facebook was on to me when nothing changed. Deleting that post, I reposted certain that MY post would appear as it always had but it didn’t.

Choosing one of my regular groups where I hadn’t sent an automated post, I posted and found that post to be like the automated ones. Deciding to post on my personal page Facebook asked me to prove that I was a person! Posting on my author page, I finally was able to have the post look as it always had before I…

Concerned, I wrote and posted this italicized post on the three Facebook groups I founded. WARNING! A Facebook friend isn't on FB anymore because like, me once upon a time, my friend posted too many posts for or about others at the same time or back to back. If you're using Hootsuite or any other kind of posting system DON'T post info to a lot of groups at the same time. I LOOK FORWARD 2 SEEING YOU HERE 4EVER!

The response I got was so overwhelming not only about Facebook doing this but also about Twitter doing this, that I decided - shoulder pain or NOT – to write this blog as a reminder that ALL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES WERE CREATED SO WE COULD CONNECT WITH OTHERS! The fact that these sites make money from the statistics our interaction creates allows them to employ those who keep these site working! The fact that others make money while on these sites means that they are being watched as my friend found out when a friend of his was kicked off within minutes of his account being suspended.

I’m now a repentant and reformed Hootsuite and Facebook member, which is very good! I say VERY GOOD as far as Hootsuite is concerned because I no longer have to pay to use what is free when it’s used as intended. I say VERY GOOD as far as Facebook is concerned because having deleted all those groups where I knew no one and they didn’t know me, I am again involved with and posting to the groups I love! I have time to interact with those I missed while thinking technology was the ‘new bomb’, when all along God was trying to remind me that nothing made by man could replace my human need to connect with others who care and share the same values, likes and dislikes that I do.

As the wife of Lutheran Pastor, Chosen People Ministries field Missionary, Ron Michelson, and one called by God to write for him, I hope that in sharing my experience you'll know that all of us can be so easily fooled into thinking that what's new trumps what's been forever true. My takeaway from this experience is best summed up in the words of the prophet Jeremiah who shared God's heart for us in chapter 29 verse 11 which says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Paula Rose Michelson is the author of Romantic Inspirational Fiction, a thriller, biblically based Christian Self-help, Political Nonfiction as well as Works Written to Encourage. Her books are available on Amazon at: 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Last day FREE! Another 5✫ Rave for CHOOSING to Be!

Every once in a while something amazing happens and receiving this  5 Star review from one of Amazon’s highest ranked reviewers as well as a very gifted author falls into this category! Here’s what Christoph Fescher said,

"Choosing to Be (The Naomi Chronicles Book 2)" by Paula Rose Michelson is another great read by this talented and wonderfully warm writer.

The second in the series follows the breakdown of Naomi's marriage with Chaz, when he discovers that she is Jewish. Torn between outrage and love he needs to find an answer. His wise uncle Hilario helps and so does his faith.

This deeply involving and serious book about love and faith is not so much about one religion in particular but about humanity and survival of the spirit. Inspiring for religious and not religious people alike the message of this book is a true credit to the author.

Just like the first book in the series this is another gripping and emotional read with much food for thought, immaculately researched and conscientious, this is a labor of love in every meaning of the word.”

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

'NEVER AGAIN'! Yom HaShoah: The Holocaust & a New HOLOCAUST of SOULS

Today as we Jews prepare to mourn the millions of Jews who died during the Holocaust, I look back to my childhood and realize how different I was from the kids I went to school with.  I write this aware that many will not believe or understand what it’s like to grow up in a free land where many still had secret hiding places least a holocaust would happen here in our wonderful America. For those of you who think this author has made this up at the end there’s a link to a YouTube video. 

So to continue, I grew up bopping between my grandparents who lived next door to me, and my home and no place else. For the fear that what happened during the holocaust could happen where we lived hung in the air. At 68, I finally admitted to myself that the reason my mom would only let me go to a friend’s house if they lived where she could see me walk back and forth, and that I had to call before I left so she’d hurry to see me walk home was a result of housing the many Jewish holocaust survivors Grandpa and Grandma didn’t have room for when America finally let them in. 

I say ‘FINALY’ because like most countries, America didn’t want the refuges. And like most countries initially America wasn’t interested in helping Israel become a nation again. However, a few good people, like Mick Marcus, who knew and had worked with high ranking officers in the military, and others who knew and implored our President changed the course of history. 

Today the history of the Middle East is beginning to mirror Hitler’s Third Reich. Again throughout a land where Jews and those who believe in the Jewish Messiah live another Holocaust happening. Just like the last time within each country that could help there is terrorism, internal unrest, sharply divided loyalties, devaluation of currency, and an attitude of appeasement at any cost coupled by leadership that is inept at its best or dictatorial at its worst. 

Once again the blood of the innocent is shed to protect the guilty or to drive home the opinion of those who praise America while cutting deals so the ruthless will know when and how to move us into a position of powerlessness. 

Today as our defecto President continues to tell us that we are 'war weary' the forces of evil are battling within our country while those countries that wish to overthrow this noble nation of individualists bide their time until given the all clear signal. For those rankled by the use of the term ‘defacto’, I need you to know that when a free society chooses to become less free by insisting, legislating, and mandating that the government can determine that those who have too much MUST give some of what they earn to those who have less, and that it’s the governments job to figure out how to make this work we no longer live in a democracy…thus our President is as defacto as is the Queen of England is unless that President is pulling the strings! 

So today, beginning at sunset Jews around the world will mourn and say, “Never Again!” As they do, I pray that all of us will commit to becoming what we once were instead of what some politician tells us we are. For it is in the becoming that we realize our potential to do whatever it takes to not settle for a counterfeit reality like the one I lived so long ago believing I was safe while my mom watched to make sure I was. 

Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2015 starts at sunset tonight, Wednesday, April 15 and ends at sunset on Thursday, April 16.

What we are experiencing and what I've written about It may seem like a bad dream. However, today the holocaust of Christians and Jews in the middle East is happening. If we do not stop them, they will come here! 

If you who doubt the reality of the Holocaust or think I made to much of it, here's the link to YouTube video:

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Final Day FREE! 5✫ +++ “CHOOSING to BE is a BRILLIANT Read!"

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery. As I read Book Two of The Naomi Chronicles, I thought of that quote and how much it applied to Naomi’s journey to find herself, her faith, her home, and her happiness. 

She starts her quest at a very low point in her life: a victim of a spiteful and vengeful act, Naomi is hurt, confused, ashamed, and hiding in her friend's car being whisked away from her home. Her despair is so deep that Naomi never even bothers to ask her friend where he’s taking her. Before long, she finds herself in Wawayanda State Park among strangers.

Upon her arrival, she feels that no one cares about her, her soul is frail, and her faith is shaky. She was used to devoting her life to her husband and to other people, and now there’s nobody left. She feels alone.

Exploration of Naomi’s journey to her faith was fascinating to me, partially because I did not grow up with any religion. Paula Rose Michelson, at least in my interpretation (I hope it’s right!), seems to show that maintaining one’s faith is easy when things go well. The real test of faith comes when life is hard. And Naomi’s life is very hard at this moment, no doubt about it. One of the other characters makes a comment about her, “She’s so changed. It’s as if she no resources left.” I took this phrase to mean that she has no moral, mental, or physical strength left, and no true faith to build up that strength.

But gradually, things start changing. One of the most powerful scenes in this book is Naomi’s encounter with Marvin, a young child she meets at Blessings Rock. Marvin helps Naomi see that she was not living according to faith and not following God’s way: “she was walking in her own way and calling it his.” The fact that a young child has all this wisdom was very interesting to me. Perhaps, his heart is more pure than Naomi’s, maybe because his heart is not as burdened with hurt and pain, so he can see life more clearly. Another point that got my attention was the idea that it’s important at some points in life to relinquish control and let God guide one’s life. I’m sure it’s not a new concept for religious readers, but (and I hate to admit it!), it felt like a revelation to me.

And then things change even more. Naomi learns (or re-learns?) to forgive. Forgiveness is another crucial aspect of faith, so it’s another sign that Naomi is re-discovering her faith, probably at a deeper level than ever before. When a group of mean girls taunt her, she says, “I feel like praying for them.” And that shows a major development in her character and in her faith. Here, Naomi is definitely regaining her strength and perseverance. When she finally returns home, completing her quest, she feels 'a sense of ownership she had never felt before.' Going back to the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, I feel that at that moment Naomi truly learns to see with her heart, not just with her eyes. What a great ending, an ending that feels so earned, so satisfying, and so logical. A great book. Highly recommended."  — Author, college professor of creative writing, Julia Gousseva

Monday, April 13, 2015


A Christian Romance with a Messianic Twist & a tidbit of History ~
If they trust Him, will God Resurrect Chaz & Naomi's Love? 

        Book Review by Judy K Burgi
5✫ “I don’t know how to write a review that will tell the readers just how caught up in this book I was. While Naomi struggles with her relationship with God; Chaz, still furious over her betrayal, is told to visit his Uncle in Mexico to learn more about his family’s secret. With both of them in search of something that will heal their hearts, complete them, or bring them together again, all I can say is this is a book you do not want to pass up, for it will take you on a journey unlike any other, and you like Naomi and Chaz may find yourself…On a personal note, I can’t wait until Book Three is published!” — Book Reviewer, Judy K Burgi

Naomi cannot imagine a future. She cannot fathom restoration. She sees no hope of reconciliation with her beloved Chaz, yet finds herself embraced by people who deeply care. Will Naomi choose to become, or will she forever be trapped in and by her past? And what about Chaz?

“Author, Paula Rose Michelson, takes us on a rare spiritual journey replete with mixed emotions, honest interaction, and emotionally charged issues. This book is filled with truth, light and godly wisdom. Naomi feels the agony of rejection and the pain of being misunderstood. Suffering a loss of identity, subsequent worthlessness, shamed and hopeless, she ends up with a group of people who know and relate to her inner turmoil. They extend acceptance, gentleness, kindness and space so she can find what and Whom they have found. I loved this story, for it is full of surprises, warmth, heart and soul. It is a love story, which beautifully reflects the author's sensitivity and love for Scripture, as well as her love for our Redeemer, our B'shert.” — Facilitator, Shuvah Yisrael Woman’s Writers Group, Dena Marie Oden

                                         About Paula Rose Michelson

Paula Rose Michelson is the founder of LAMB Ministries, which helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of scripture, and prayer. She is the wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson. The mother of two married daughters, and grandmother of seven, when not involved in ministry, writing, speaking, or teaching the effective use of scripture, you will find Paula researching her next book or meeting with friends.

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How 2 Get Your Book in the Top 100 Bestsellers in Their Categories’

Odd as it may seem you don’t need to understand rocket science to get your book(s) ranked in the top 100 Bestsellers of their categories! Know because I've done this! And though my books bop in and out they are much easier to find because Amazon promotes their Indie published authors’ books that have achieved this, so here’s the skinny!!

Making sure your book(s) in the right category is VERY IMPORTANT! So important is this that Amazon has an area titled Selecting Browsed Categories’ where their Kindle authors are able to see the most shopped categories select those that suite their book(s) best. Click this link and you’ll be there:

 Checking the BISG INTERNATIONAL & NECESSARY for the tags libraries use is a MUST! Afterward look at the info found under META DATA:, because that's CRITICAL!

Armed now with better options, I want you to know that when words are grouped together like: Books> Politics & Social Sciences> Social Sciences > Popular Culture, Amazon’s system often reads all these words as one word because they are grouped together. Instead of counting the seven words Amazon allows, paste the words in and let the system tell you when you've reached your quota.

Furthermore, as an Amazon published author, you can change Tags and Meta Data selections until you find what works for your book(s). Since the system locked my changes in after three times, I suggest you make your changes thoughtfully.

 As and Indie Author published by Create Space and Amazon, you have more Categories and Meta Data than a publisher is allowed. And because you can change your options, check to see if what you chose is working. You'll know when you see more sales, Kindle Unlimited borrows, and a bettor ranking of your book.

Every time someone tells you they read and loved your book, asking them to post a comment or two in the review section lets them know that they don’t have to be a professional writer.

If you meet authors whose book(s) you’d like to read asking them to gift you one so you can write a review to place on that books Amazon page is a win-win for both of you. For the author they get a writers comments. For you, if you do as I suggest and add a little something about yourself, the reader of you review may buy the book you reviewed and yours as well. Once I've finished writing my review, I skip a line and add, Paula Rose Michelson is the author of Romantic Inspirational Fiction, biblically based Christian Self-help, Political Nonfiction, as well as Works Written to Encourage. Her books are available on Amazon.

Many authors’ think it’s a waste of time to write reviews. However, there are three good reasons to do this:
1.) Amazon ranks nonprofessional reviewers by consumer satisfaction and lists the top 1000. A few of my author friends are in that group, and I hope to join them someday.
2). When you write a review for a book, making sure it’s at least a 4 star review, you now have literary friend who will probably want to help you.
3). As an Amazon reviewer, I’ve set up my reviewers Amazon page, and because Amazon keeps track of how many times a shopper bought a book I've reviewed, I know how effective my reviews are. This is a great learning tool! You can read some of my reviews and see my review status at:

Having become active on Social Media, I’m writing about the five I use, namely Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google + and Twitter, where you can further bless the author whose book you reviewed by posting it on the authors Facebook and author page, in the groups you belong to when applicable, blog your review including info about the author and the link to their book, and using the Blogger options Tweet, and post on Google +.

A few hours of reading a book, and perhaps another hour of doing all I suggest makes you a valuable and true friend over and over again. And since friends love to reciprocate more often than not you’ll find them asking what they can do to help you.

If you think all of this will take too much time away from your writing, do one thing. Since Tweeter, based on the potential number of people reached, will give the most bang for the least amount of time, I suggest you start there. For those who do not have a Twitter account or whose number of followers is anemic, I urge you to NOT follow people. You'll do MUCH BETTER if you post a few interesting Tweets about yourself, a few pictures, a link to something you like, a tidbit about your book. Then type what you’re looking for into the search bar and selecting those tweets that someone tweeted which interest, affirm you and/or your work, tweet that tweet and wait for that person to tweet one of yours. I say this because all too often those new to Twitter follow the allowed 2000 and then have to wait until the number of people following them increases, or they opt, as I did, to use Crowdfire so they can unfollow those who aren’t following them. Though this app is free it is far easier to not create than to fix an issue.

As an author of Christian books, if you’d like you can ask to join any or all of my three groups on Facebook where we endeavored to help each other, which means, you'll have to be actively involved to receive the blessings!

About Author, Paula Rose Michelson
Paula Rose Michelson began her writing career at age fifteen when she agreed to write a weekly 'Teen Scene' column for a San Diego paper. Married to the love of her life at 20, Paula is the mother of two, grandmother of seven, and the wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson. Ron continues to encourage Paula to write flinch-free Christian fiction and nonfiction. He recently applauded her desire to write books dealing with life issues from a more secular viewpoint, so those who seek will find. 

For The Naomi Chronicles saga, Paula researched what befell the Jews during and after the Spanish and Mexican Inquisitions, thinking to use that background in her heroine's story. Aware that life, love, choices, and forgiveness were what she wanted to write about, Paula was surprised and blessed when Naomi shared her harrowing story with her. Readers who like inspirational fiction with a Messianic twist and a hint of history, will enjoy 'The Naomi Chronicles'.

Recently, feeling a heart-call to write shorter works of fiction, Paula realized her books are about choices, how they challenge and change us and help us develop wisdom and insight. In her newly released short novella 'The Time Between', readers looking for a more real and raw story will find one. The compelling characters draw the reader into what one reviewer called, "A riveting can't put down, fiction that only the head of LAMB Ministries could write in such a compelling way that you become the characters you are reading about, which is a complete departure from what this author has written before."

Since Paula continues the work the Lord called her to when LAMB Ministries was formed in 1988, she uses God's Word and what he sifted from her work as Chemical Dependency - Lifestyle Disorder Councilor, to equip women with biblical tools to recover from trauma and abuse. Some of the tools are found in the pages of her books, for Paula knows the issues found in her characters are seen in survivors trying to hide their pain. Thus this author continues her work by writing books to inspire others to overcome.

Paula Rose Michelson is the Founder/Facilitator: LAMB Ministries - since 1988 offering biblical recover for women suffering from trauma & abuse
Books at:,  
Facebook Author Page at
On Twitter please follow me at:

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“Intriguing Love Story and More,” a 5 Star Rave - Author, Delores Ayotte

"I hardly spared a moment before I started the second novel in this captivating series and I was not disappointed. It started off exactly where I hoped it would. There was so much unfinished business and so many unanswered questions that I couldn't get to it fast enough. I just needed to learn more about what happened between Naomi and Chaz and their very unfortunate status as newlyweds.

Alex, the son of a good friend of Naomi's, is in the midst of spiriting her away to escape her shame and embarrassment after Lola cruelly reveals her secret to her "amigas" that fateful Sunday afternoon. Much to her shock and deep pain, Chaz her beloved husband, turns his back on her when he discovers she is a Jew. Naomi bravely stands before her friends. It is pointless to deny Lola's accusation as she exclaims that she is, indeed, ‘a daughter of Zion’. She then stoically walks from the patio area where they are celebrating and quietly enters her bedroom. She is absolutely heartsick. Naomi's thinks she has lost the love of her life and her reason for being because now she must also leave the casa in shame and disgrace....the only home she has ever know since her arrival in America at fifteen years old. Her worst fears are realized as her duplicity is revealed. Her every intention was to share this truth with Chaz...tonight on the eve of the consummation of their marriage but now she must make her way to escape the unbearable situation with the help of Alex.

Naomi finds herself in a camp area with Ruth and a group of people she refers to as family. Marvin, a very young boy meets her at Blessings Rock, to assist her in her encounter with God. Naomi is humbled by this unique experience as she discovers that she has been making her own path instead of listening to the voice of God and obeying His will for her. ‘Marvelous Marvi’, this aptly chosen nickname for such a young boy, who takes a shine to Naomi and becomes like a wonderful balm as he helps her with her personal struggles and relationship with God. So eloquently stated about the benefits of Blessings Rock: "If you hang around here long enough, you'll find your pain becoming a blessing for you and others". At this point, Naomi has no idea how true this statement is...

And now Chaz who has also escaped this painful experience, discovers that, he too, must revisit his youth and secretive upbringing to get a better understanding of exactly who he is and where his roots stem from. He decides to return to visit his mother and father in order to have some time to heal after his unpleasant separation from Naomi and the breakdown of his short-lived marriage. He is plagued with guilt over his reaction to the fact that he married a Jewish woman. He was most unkind and knows that he did a great disservice to his wife. Shortly upon his visit to his beloved parents he discovers some very unsettling news about himself. He is not only in a state of disbelief, he is outraged. He decides to visit his scholarly Uncle Hilario so that he can uncover more about his past which may result in a better understanding of his parents and the choices they made on his behalf. He is doubly surprised and taken aback when he has a revelation of his own as he takes a quiet moment to hear God speak to him in the still of the night. Now Chaz has his work cut out for him...

Is there still hope for his marriage to the love of his life and the woman of his dreams?

Is there a possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation or will they "allow their yesterdays to poison their todays?" Only time will tell...

As talented Author Paula Rose Michelson displays so much of her own belief system, she so faithfully demonstrates her wisdom through the work and devotion of Uncle Hilario in his revelation to Chaz. "Always remember that others will only approve of you as long as you conform to their ideas and ideals." Such a profound statement will not want to miss this inspirational love story!!"