Friday, April 17, 2015

Last day FREE! Another 5✫ Rave for CHOOSING to Be!

Every once in a while something amazing happens and receiving this  5 Star review from one of Amazon’s highest ranked reviewers as well as a very gifted author falls into this category! Here’s what Christoph Fescher said,

"Choosing to Be (The Naomi Chronicles Book 2)" by Paula Rose Michelson is another great read by this talented and wonderfully warm writer.

The second in the series follows the breakdown of Naomi's marriage with Chaz, when he discovers that she is Jewish. Torn between outrage and love he needs to find an answer. His wise uncle Hilario helps and so does his faith.

This deeply involving and serious book about love and faith is not so much about one religion in particular but about humanity and survival of the spirit. Inspiring for religious and not religious people alike the message of this book is a true credit to the author.

Just like the first book in the series this is another gripping and emotional read with much food for thought, immaculately researched and conscientious, this is a labor of love in every meaning of the word.”

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