Tuesday, April 7, 2015

“Intriguing Love Story and More,” a 5 Star Rave - Author, Delores Ayotte

"I hardly spared a moment before I started the second novel in this captivating series and I was not disappointed. It started off exactly where I hoped it would. There was so much unfinished business and so many unanswered questions that I couldn't get to it fast enough. I just needed to learn more about what happened between Naomi and Chaz and their very unfortunate status as newlyweds.

Alex, the son of a good friend of Naomi's, is in the midst of spiriting her away to escape her shame and embarrassment after Lola cruelly reveals her secret to her "amigas" that fateful Sunday afternoon. Much to her shock and deep pain, Chaz her beloved husband, turns his back on her when he discovers she is a Jew. Naomi bravely stands before her friends. It is pointless to deny Lola's accusation as she exclaims that she is, indeed, ‘a daughter of Zion’. She then stoically walks from the patio area where they are celebrating and quietly enters her bedroom. She is absolutely heartsick. Naomi's thinks she has lost the love of her life and her reason for being because now she must also leave the casa in shame and disgrace....the only home she has ever know since her arrival in America at fifteen years old. Her worst fears are realized as her duplicity is revealed. Her every intention was to share this truth with Chaz...tonight on the eve of the consummation of their marriage but now she must make her way to escape the unbearable situation with the help of Alex.

Naomi finds herself in a camp area with Ruth and a group of people she refers to as family. Marvin, a very young boy meets her at Blessings Rock, to assist her in her encounter with God. Naomi is humbled by this unique experience as she discovers that she has been making her own path instead of listening to the voice of God and obeying His will for her. ‘Marvelous Marvi’, this aptly chosen nickname for such a young boy, who takes a shine to Naomi and becomes like a wonderful balm as he helps her with her personal struggles and relationship with God. So eloquently stated about the benefits of Blessings Rock: "If you hang around here long enough, you'll find your pain becoming a blessing for you and others". At this point, Naomi has no idea how true this statement is...

And now Chaz who has also escaped this painful experience, discovers that, he too, must revisit his youth and secretive upbringing to get a better understanding of exactly who he is and where his roots stem from. He decides to return to visit his mother and father in order to have some time to heal after his unpleasant separation from Naomi and the breakdown of his short-lived marriage. He is plagued with guilt over his reaction to the fact that he married a Jewish woman. He was most unkind and knows that he did a great disservice to his wife. Shortly upon his visit to his beloved parents he discovers some very unsettling news about himself. He is not only in a state of disbelief, he is outraged. He decides to visit his scholarly Uncle Hilario so that he can uncover more about his past which may result in a better understanding of his parents and the choices they made on his behalf. He is doubly surprised and taken aback when he has a revelation of his own as he takes a quiet moment to hear God speak to him in the still of the night. Now Chaz has his work cut out for him...

Is there still hope for his marriage to the love of his life and the woman of his dreams?

Is there a possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation or will they "allow their yesterdays to poison their todays?" Only time will tell...

As talented Author Paula Rose Michelson displays so much of her own belief system, she so faithfully demonstrates her wisdom through the work and devotion of Uncle Hilario in his revelation to Chaz. "Always remember that others will only approve of you as long as you conform to their ideas and ideals." Such a profound statement indeed...you will not want to miss this inspirational love story!!"            http://amzn.to/1zK3rPC    

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