Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A #5STAR MUST READ! Though THE PURPLE PITCH SEDUCTION of AMERICA is #99Cents it ISN'T #99Cent Fiction!

“Wake up America! WAKE UP NOW! In her latest book it's as if Paula Rose Michelson was channeling the late George Carlin and the Smothers Brothers in this book where she tells you what's going on and how the freedom of the American people is being taken away. She points out the scary road our “leaders in charge” are taking us down as they stray away from democracy.

This isn't just a book for those interested in ‘The Political Plundering of America,’ it's a book that EVERY American citizen NEEDS to READ!

Since America is not lost yet there is still time to take action! These six quotes from Paula Rose Michelson’s, The Purple Pitch Seduction of America are six reasons to read this book!

— ‘Freedom is a sacred trust passed down to us by all those who have died so we could be free.
—  'It’s what we owe to ourselves, the next generation and the world!’
— ‘The Trust Fund had been used by Congress to fund things it was never intended for!’
— ‘We paid into the system and this trusted system, which we’re being told is bankrupt, isn’t!’
— ‘The tail is trying to wag the dog!’
— ‘We continue to look at what worked once upon a time rather than search for new solutions.’
— ‘Today it seems that we really are living in the carnival sideshow’s scary hall of mirrors.

Read this book to find out what’s going on and what needs to be done! On a personal note, I pray, ‘God help us all because our current governing body doesn't seem to be inclined to stop the madness.’” — John Hale/Hamburger Fry, Author

“Like a deep thinking Erma Bombeck, Paula Rose Michelson’s ‘The Purple Pitch Seduction of America’, reflects our society’s issues in a way that makes one think while chuckling. While I read, I found myself thinking about 2 Timothy 3:1-9, which speaks of the Godlessness in the ‘Last Days’, and I pray that we are not there yet.” — Wayne Johnson

ABOUT AUTHOR, Paula Rose Michelson
The wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries field missionary, Ron Michelson, while a Church Ministries Coordinator for the mission her husband continues to serve in, Paula Rose Michelson asked God to gift her something unique to do. Little did she know that hearing Messianic, Pastor David Hocking speak about Zion being both the land of Eretz Yisrael (Israel) and the Jewish people would lead her to research what befell the Spanish Jews (Sephardic) before, during and after the Inquisition. Beginning to write, word spread and some Sephardim contacted her to offer their stories. However, Naomi had already begun telling this dyslectic artist about her life, which is now a six volume romantic inspirational faith saga.

Other books - both fiction and nonfiction followed - but at her core, Paula's desire to faithfully depict Gods love, compassion, and forgiveness are the reason she continues to write. And having founded LAMB Ministries in 1988, Paula knows that the biblical tools God taught her, which she faithfully passes on to women suffering from trauma and abuse are needed by all, so she includes a few within the pages of each book.

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