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The Naomi Chronicles (3 Book Series) by  Paula Rose Michelson
4 a Signed Copy of 
No Other Choice, Choosing to Be, Beginning Anew
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5Stars! “A soulful story in the tradition of some of the Bible's great heroines. Duty, sacrifice, and faith are carried in the arms of love by a courageous young woman, who rises above her own flaws to help others.” ️ in PAPERBACK ️ available on Kindle Unlimited

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❤️The Naomi Chronicles ❤️ in ❤️ Paperback ❤️in time for ❤️ Christmas Gifting ❤️

Now in Paperback!
️ For Christmas Gift & Enjoy Love

5Stars for the Naomi Chronicles! “Written with love, bathed in Scripture, this heartbreaking, inspiring, and spiritually riveting read left me speechless, breathless and profoundly altered in my beliefs about God's love."

5Stars! There Really Was NO OTHER CHOICE! “When Naomi, 15, ran away from
home and fled to America in 1952, she had NO OTHER CHOICE! Her Jewish ancestry was written on her face and she lived in Spain where Jews were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. She wanted to save her family from that fate. She hoped that when she reached America, her uncle would help her and then send for the rest of her family. But when she landed on Ellis Island, she was without a sponsor and would be deported. Enter Tia who handcuffed the girl and took her home with her. Tia told Naomi that if she worked for her until age 20, she would be given her freedom, $500, and papers to allow her to stay in the U.S. Naomi agreed. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
She kept her Jewish roots hidden in Spanish Harlem. If her secret was revealed, she would be ousted. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!   
The bright promised-filled year of her 20th birthday finally arrived. Just as Naomi prepared to leave, Tia suffered a stroke and needed constant care. Naomi’s faith had written in her heart one law above all others: she must be a blessing. She stayed to help Tia. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
Tia trained Naomi to take over the job of helping young girls who arrived in the U.S. without sponsors. She died before Naomi’s training was completed. Naomi never planned to marry; she was married to her work. Then she met Chaz and fell in love. They married. She had NO OTHER CHOICE!
But a scheming young girl Naomi attempted to help wanted more than American citizenship. She wanted Chaz. Naomi did the only thing she could…she had NO OTHER CHOICE!
“’NO OTHER CHOICE’ Choice is well written with strong, believable characters and highlights an era of little known and understood history. The Spanish Inquisition began and remained in effect until 1992. Jews were forced to leave Spain before March 31, 1992, or become a Catholic convert. Jews learned to hide who their identity to survive. Like Naomi, they had NO OTHER CHOICE!" Author, Stephanie Parker McKean

5Stars for CHOOSING to BE! “Will the love Chaz & Naomi long for ever be theirs
This unfortunate couple is in God’s hands and without HIS help nothing can mend their depravity. Bitterness has taken up residence between this couple.; their souls are filled with yearning, deceit, craving, and yet a thirst for one another. Make sure you get this book and read it to find out how a bride flees as an alternative of confronting the consequences of her exposed mysteries.

A story crafted from biblical principles, ‘Choosing to Be” is a tale with purpose, to guild its reader to knowing Jesus Christ as their savior, or to bless those who already have a relationship with HIM. This is the 2nd book I’ve read of the very talented author ‘Paula Rose Michelson’ the 1st was ‘No Other Choice’. I’ve found both books very inspirational and well written. They are a breath of fresh air that will take you away, even for a short while, from the whirlwind and grind of daily life. Author - Victoria Simcox

5Stars for BEGINNING ANEW!” What a wonderful book by the talented Paula Rose
Michelson. She gives great depth to all the characters in this well-written poetic story that draws the reader in. After a painful separation, Naomi and Chaz both set their minds to starting over and 'begin anew' in their yet-to-be consummated marriage. With a faithful God, and being blessed with the love they have for each other - as many secrets unfold, the two must now learn to respect, and be honest with one another as they grow in love.
     Some of my favorite lines from the story:
     "When hearts beat as one like yours and mine, in time we come to understand each other's secret yearnings."
     "And what is my secret yearning?"

     "That we be happy--"
I highly recommended! Get your copy today, you'll be glad you did--it's an emotional story that many readers of all ages will be able to relate to; it will inspire you, educate you and keep you turning pages until the very end-- waiting for the next book to come out by this amazing writer, Ms. Michelson.” Author - J L. Mitchell

Author Paula Rose Michelson is married to Lutheran Pastor & Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary Ron Michelson. This happy couple have two married daughters and seven grandchildren. Paula loves to read novels where the woman became a hero for her families’ sake. Thus, this is known for writing Christian Inspirational Fiction with a Messianic twist and a hint of history, Thrillers, Nonfiction, Self-help, and Works to Encourage. Her books are available on Amazon & at other online booksellers. To find out more about this author, visit her Amazon Author page at:

If you would like Paula to speak at your Church, Women’s Ministry event, Retreat, Recovery or Writers Group leave a message after this post with your name and email address. 

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#Stars! A Big Thumbs Up for “ROPED” is an Amazing Read!

Roped by [Gates, DiAne]
On April 20, 2016, I hosted talented author DiAne Gates on my blog where she answered my questions and at my request shared a review for her fiction "Roped". The fact that I'd spent a great summer riding and taking care of the horse I was given named Apricot made her story one I knew I wanted to read. But time, my own writing and the busyness of life caused me to push that thought aside until DiAne offered to gift me her book when she discovered that I'd been sick for many months.

As I imaged from the opening sentence to the last one I was in cowgirl heaven. I know that sounds odd because I'm a city gal - acrylic nails and all - but even if you've never been in the saddle, 'Roped' will put a lariat around your heart and you’ll be tethed to Crissy Crosby who while chasing her dream to continue her parents’ rodeo legacy discovers that with God all things even the taming of her... Since I don't want to spoil the story, you'll have to read this emotionally charged story for yourself to find out what happens! And I strongly suggest that you give yourself this pleasure now!

Meet Author DiAne Gates
DiAne Gates's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Texan, DiAne Gates, illustrates, photographs, and writes for children and YA, as well as serious non-fiction for adults. Her freelance artist, photographic work for the East Texas Rodeo Association magazine gave birth to her western rodeo adventure series ROPED which Prism Book Group in August of 2015. 

DiANE leads an adult edit group, The LifeSavers, for North Texas Christian Writers. And DiAne is a facilitator for GriefShare, an international support ministry for those who’ve lost loved ones.

Wife, mother, and Mimi, whose passion is to share those hard life lessons God allows. Lessons she hopes will leap from the page into your heart.

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Author Page on Facebook

Email DiAne Gates at:

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❤️ Gift & Enjoy Inprirational Love 4 Christmas ❤️ The Naomi Chronicles ❤️ $ 2.97 till February❤️ Kindle Unlimited ❤️

The Naomi Chronicles (3 Book Series) by  Paula Rose Michelson
5Stars! "Written with love, bathed in Scripture, this heartbreaking, inspiring, and spiritually riveting read left me speechless, breathless and profoundly altered in my beliefs about God's love." ️ $ 2.97 till February ️ Kindle Unlimited ️
What Now?
     As they entered the building and turned down a dark corridor all Naomi could think was, now what will I do? The man pointed to a chair in a stark office. Steeling her resolve, she entered, sat down, and clutched the old, brown, leather suitcase to her chest. Seeing an official take a man into a room, she heard his interview begin. The door shut. Her mind raced, now what…what now, demanding an answer. She closed her eyes, and tried to think of one but there were none. No answers for immigration, and she had known there would be none even before she ran away from home in the middle of the night without a goodbye or a note explaining. Aware that running away from the reality of being a Jew in a country that allowed only those of one faith, and that one not hers, to live there, she had planned to find her uncle once she was allowed into America and help him bring their family here. Tears formed. She blinked them back, certain that if she cried, she would never be allowed to enter America.  
     Seeking oblivion she closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them, she would find this was a horrid nightmare. Her mind brought her back to the moment fear had taken control of her life once more. She heard herself screaming, “Abuela Sosa, please do not be dead!” Her arm’s training took over because she heard her say, mi hija, think of something else. She tried, but as if things could not get any worse, the image of the old woman’s daughter-in-law packing her meager belongings into her suitcase flashed before her, and she heard herself demand, “You have no need of me anymore? I gave you a year of my life! Your esposo…your husband promised he would help me enter America and search for my uncle if I took care of his madre!” 
     Aware that the kindhearted old woman had treated her as if she were her very own kin, her sorrow increased. Yet knowing that her daughter-in-law had never visited the old woman during their voyage, and was only there now because it was necessary, Naomi was not surprised that this woman appeared unfazed by her charge’s death as she dispassionately closed the lid to the teenager’s suitcase and stared at her. Instead of demanding that the woman fetch a doctor, as Naomi had insisted an hour ago when she fetched the woman, all she could think of was, what do I do, now what do I do? Then she corrected herself, Naomi, it is not what do you do…it is what can I do to convince them to let me stay? She watched the woman eyeing her and wondered why is she in a hurry to rid herself of me before the doctor examines Abuela Sosa and declares her dead? Only then did she remember the woman’s secretive responses to an odd phone call that came moments after she followed Naomi into the stateroom. Maybe the family discovered the last name I gave was not…she felt a knot in her stomach, and knew her worst fears were going to come true. 
     Opening her eyes to see who was sitting beside her, Naomi was not surprised to find no one there, for fear, she had learned, does funny tricks to one’s mind. She closed her eyes again, certain that at one point there had been an official sitting next to her. At least that is what she… Her mind drifted back to the moment they had met, that is if being taken off the grand ship awaiting entry to New York harbor by an immigration official could be called a meeting. Reliving the moment that culminated when she sat where she was, Naomi knew it was all true. She was on Ellis Island and would be deported. She knew that because it being her first time sailing, she had listened to the other servants talking among themselves and learned many things…among them, the fact that no immigrants had disembarked at Ellis Island since the end of World War I unless… When she questioned those who spoke, she learned that immigration would remove a passenger from a ship because of a problem with their paperwork, though when she sat where the man pointed, she refused to believe her situation was as dire as it appeared. However, her heart told her otherwise.
     Trying to convince herself that her situation was not as bad as it seemed, she told herself, This is a mistake! My entry into America should have been easy. I took care of everything at the American Consulate before we left Spain. My documents, medical history… I filled each paper out very carefully!
     Agitated, she opened her eyes. She was alone. Aware of the stories of the chosen few allowed to enter the country; she tried to think of anything but the future she feared. Now what? Now what? Her mind repeated, demanding an immediate answer. Think of something else, her arm had often told her when she worried too much. And now just as she had when her mother told her what to do, Naomi nodded and whispered, “Sí, mi arm.” Scanning the room, she remembered reading that a fire had reduced the original buildings to cinders and nonflammable materials were used when the facility was rebuilt. It must have been an awful fire…still
     She heard the door to the office open, looked at the wall clock, and realized an hour had passed. An official took the man they had interviewed away. The door was left open at another man’s request. She leaned forward in her chair hoping to hear the men she assumed would decide her fate.
     “Sad that the grandmother died,” the large man said, his voice filled with what she prayed was sympathy for her plight.
     The smaller man nodded. “And just before the boat she was on was to enter the harbor.”
     “The girl has no sponsor. We must send her back to Spain.”
     “But she says she has no people,” replied a man she could not see.
     “Sad yes, very sad….but it’s not our—”  
     Naomi thought it odd when the small man stepped between the two who were speaking and blurted, “I tried to call the lady but was told she was out!”
     The large man waited while the man she had not seen left the office. Then he turned to his associate. “I told you not to speak about that!”
     “It doesn’t make any difference. I left a message, but there’s no one to help the girl.” He looked at his watch. “It’s already five thirty. The office should have closed half an hour ago.”  The large man sighed. “We can’t wait any longer. Ask her to come in.”

To find out what happens to Naomi, visit Amazon at:

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#5Star Love this Christmas 2 Enjoy or Gift Just $2.97 for these #Kindles

My 3 Naomi Chronicles all in the *** top 100 in the categories of INSPIRATIONAL SPIRITUAL FICTION *** Through * Christmas this Trio of *** ROMANTIC FAITH STORIES *** is only $ 2.97 ***

I have read all of these books individually & highly recommended each! It is a pleasure to support their acquisition in a series book.... I was so interested in continuing the story that I downloaded the second immediately just to keep going... This purchase provides an easy weekend marathon of reading enjoyment!

Surprises, secrets, jealousy, suspicion, a touch of the supernatural, hate, love, and God's Word and plans for Naomi and Chaz all come together in this enthralling epic! The explosive ending of each novel will keep you thinking of what had happened...what was coming...and, most of all, what would your own position and beliefs be in light of the story? Each book is a must-read, in my opinion!

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Enjoy & Gift #5Star Love this Christmas: NO OTHER CHOICE is an Amazon Bestseller!

In Paperback
Free with Kindle Unlimited or buy for 99 cents

5 ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ “The web of lies & love that trap Naomi & Chaz and how God draws them to himself makes this an Inspirational Faith Romances a Must Read!”

From illegal immigrant bound by secrets, trapped by choices and lies to an arranged marriage she did not want, Naomi hides two secrets that would be her undoing. This is Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress. Trapped in a life where all who know her think Naomi a saint, saddled with a mission and responsibilities few would agree to, Naomi finally agrees to marry to sidestep more issues and the couples tangled web of longing and half-truths escalates for neither are what they seem to be making this inspirational family faith saga one women love.

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From "Why Johnny Can't Read" to 'See Paula Write' is FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5

Unable to learn until the third grade when it was discovered that she was very nearsighted, and at age 60 realizing she was profoundly dyslexic, author Paula Rose Michelson shares her journey from fear of writing to the blessing of writing for God. Many have benefited from this short, humorous self-help read where the author counsels and shows that recovery occurred when she believed in God’s ability to show the blessings hidden within her issues.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Were it not for all God had shown her, Paula, like many others faced with unseen handicaps, believes she would not have spoken of or written about her journey. She does so now with confidence that as Philippians 1:6 says, “…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “If you were expecting an article with details about dyslexia & how to 'learn to read anyway', you will be surprised. This isn't really so much about dyslexia as it is about how God can use us, 'no matter what'. Come sit down with Paula as she shares her heart and talks about how God spoke to her about his love for her and how He wanted to use her. I felt like I was sitting across a table having a conversation with a friend as she laughed at herself while she shared difficult times. Despite her 'difficulties' God still had a plan for her life. How humorous that God would take a gal with dyslexia and use her as an author? Ms. Michelson gives hope for people with ANY disability and shows that God can use all of us, no matter what we think may hold us back. I look forward to reading her novels that 'Naomi has shared with her'.

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5 
 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “A Story of FAITH, Overcoming Disabilities & the authors Delight in the LORD! Tracking the miracles of possibility, grace, love, and the humor of a God who calls on dyslexics to write for Him told in a pleasant, chatty style reading this book was as if the author and I were having coffee, and eating cookies while she asked, “What were your parents like?” and went on to share how people dealt with dyslexia she was young. She also shared how as an adult, she’s learned to laugh at her troubles plus much more.”

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5 <3
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “This inspiring memoir by Paula Rose Michelson is both a meditation in the healing power of faith and a frank, honest account of how it feels to not be able to read easily. I sympathized with the author's very real struggle and was inspired by her memoir. Written in a jaunty, engaging style, this would make a perfect audio book that captures the spirit and times of living and growing up in 1950s America, a time when dyslexia was not as well understood as it is now.”

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “I bought this for my dyslexic daughter. We read it together. It is very short, but gives hope to those who get frustrated with learning disabilities. It helps my daughter to know there are others who have the same struggles she does and that she's not stupid. She can be anything she wants to be. Thanks, Paula, for sharing your story.”

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “I enjoyed the conversational tone of this memoir. Paula describes her struggles as a child with dyslexia before dyslexia was a recognized diagnosis. I enjoy the witty humor she weaves into her book and the encouraging way she challenges the reader to step out in faith. God used a little girl who struggled to read to later become an author and counselor for women with addictions. He can use you, too. I recommend this book, a quick read, to anyone who needs a little bit of encouragement.”

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5 
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This is so close to my life story that its eerie. Growing up before dyslexia was an acknowledged learning handicap and people with that problem were sometimes considered beyond help, Paula not only learned by the grace of God, but had a 4.0 average when she put her natural desire for knowledge to good use. God works in mysterious ways to accomplish His goals and sometimes the water faucet doesn't know its a water faucet until He turns it on. Paula couldn't have known that God was using what others might consider a handicap to prepare her for the work He had planned for her.”

FREEEEE Kindle through Saturday 11/5 
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “From 'Why Johnny can't Read' to" See Paula Write" by Paula Rose Michelson is a shorty story of OVERCOMING that comes close to home. I, too am dyslexic, nearsighted and have used my dyslexia to an advantage like Paula. Paula goes a step further by finding out that her issue is a blessing, when God leads her to write for Him!

About the Author 
Were it not for all God had shown her, Paula, like many others faced with unseen handicaps, believes she would not have spoken of or written about her journey. She does so now with confidence that as Philippians 1:6 says, “…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”