Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ark of Rest ~ An Amazing LIterary Accomplishment! by Paula Rose Michelson

I love reviewing books written by believers! I'm delighted and at times find it hard to chose what to read because of the vast array of fiction that espouses our Christian/Messianic beliefs. Equally compelling has been my realization that none of the novels I've read were written with a hidden message. This is important to me because as both a Pastors' and missionaries wife who writes faith stories, I take umbrage with faith tracks masquerading as literature. I share this sentiment with you today so when you read my 5 Star Review of This Modern Masterpiece, you will understand that the author, Pastor Jimmy Garland is telling a story not preaching a salvation message.

Ark of Rest is a Must Read for any who wonder what might precede the end times spoken of in Scripture. Beginning with the times we are living in, the author shows us how the rapture might occur as he weaves in 21st century technologies and way of life, the reality or rural America, the FBI Special Cult Unit, science fiction, biblical prophesy, and personal choices made by those who believe in themselves and those who know and trust God. This astounding wordsmith takes the reader on a never imagined journey where people chose to either believe in themselves or Gods only anointed Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Where other authors have shown a possible fulfillment of end time prophetic Scriptures in such notable work as The Left Behind Series, Pastor Garland's masterpiece not only shows a unique spirit-filled view of the rapture, but looking back in anguish, the non-believer experiences ever increasing agony over choices he wished he could undo, the Pastor looks back at his life and faith failures in horror but instead of hearing condemnation, he sees how God used those situations to draw people to Himself.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pastors Praise! by Paula Rose Michelson

Having grown up Jewish, I longed for but seldom received praise. At forty I became a believer in Messiah and soon discovered that in Him my longing vanished! Twenty-five years later, I still look heavenward whenever someone ascribes to me what belongs to God. It is only because of the work God gifted to me and Naomi deciding to tell me her story that my desire to serve Messiah as a writer happened. If I had not heard Naomi's story from her, I could never have written anything that mattered for the Kingdom!

The journey that began in March of 2007 has been wonderful, difficult, and all consuming. I have given up a job, some security, and lost some friends. I become somewhat isolated, hurt when Naomi did, and all of this I would gladly do again. I say that because the journey crystallized for me what matters and what does not.

Today I am sharing two reviews written by two Pastors. Before reading them, I must tell you that being married to Pastor, Missionary Ron Michelson who also writes his weekly Messianic Bible studies and is currently writing both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, it is rare for a Pastor to be able to carve time out of their overflowing schedules to read or review.

Pastor Jimmy's 5 Star Review posted on Amazon today says, "I found Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Book 1 a rich and enticing story. I have enjoyed reading most of my life and it has been very rare that I was taken into a story so completely as I was with this one. They say what makes a story worth reading is the personal crisis. In Casa de Naomi, I found myself identifying with the main character early on. Not that I was raised in a Jewish family or faced the extreme persecution they face but as a human, who does not feel that they must hide some part of who they really are? This is a work of amazing insight that can bless anyone who ever felt out of place in their life. Thanks for a marvelous book of Blessings."

Pastor Jim Hughes in his 5 Star Review wrote, "Casa de Naomi : The House of Blessing, Book 2 by Paula Rose Michelson is an enduring and captivating story of redemption as told thorough the eyes of Chaz and Naomi who we meet in volume one. You will discover an insightful look at the agony of being someone you are not in order to survive in a hostile world that is antagonistic towards you. How could two people, Jewish by birth, hidden within the Catholic Church unbeknownst to each other, run from each other, rediscover themselves and become the couple they both want to be? Can they do it? Can their marriage be saved? Will it survive their betrayal? You will have to read Casa de Naomi, Book 2 to find out.

Paula masterfully shows how God pursues those who try to leave Him out of their lives. You will perhaps discover some things about your own journey with God that you have tried to bury or ignore. I am pleased to recommend both volumes of  "Casa de Naomi" to you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What's the Difference? by Paula Rose Michelson

Many refer to me as a wordsmith, and I am! Because I do have a way with words and love to encourage other writers to use the most uniquely appropriate word instead of just any word, today I'm blogging about one of my pet peeves. Since I seldom mention this except to my husband, you might think I'm making a mountain of a mole hill. However, as all authors do, I enjoy reading reviews of my books that is unless said review is really a synopsis.

Since you might be scratching your head or wondering why I should need to vent, let me ask you, "Would you pay to see the same move at a theater that you already saw at home?" If you're like me probably not unless you're going to be people that make the outing a must! Applying this rational to book synopsis parading as reviews and we authors face a dilemma. Do we tell the writer that they've shared so much people might not buy the book? Do we appalled them because writing the more time consuming synopsis means they've fallen in love with the book and desire to mention all that enthralled them so others would be too? We may think about telling these wonderful bookish advocates of our work but it might be best to...

Thinking of all the possible options, I'm reminded...and thankfully so, that recently we heard Hillary Clinton exclaim during what some call her Benghazi meltdown, "What difference does it make!" And I'm grateful that she provided me and many others a role model of WHAT NOT to do!

So where do I go for help? I go to the one who is higher than I. Messiah said in Mathew 7:22-23 "Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?" Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!"

Do we authors know Him? We do if we rejoice in every blessing freely given, applaud others success, and continue to encourage and nurture those in need with the Word of God because God's Word is active and accomplishes His purpose!

When I remember that I write for God and about the things He cares about all worry is cast off. When I am hampered and ensnared, I am grateful and praise God for my husband Ron, and friends like Heather Randall, Jewels Boaz, Bethany Mourty, Katie Mettner, Kim Justice, Nicole Clies Anderson, Tina Britt, Dr. Glen Hepker, my wonderful daughter Cheryl Michelson Henrikson, and so many others who keep me grounded. These dear readers are my reasons for never saying "What's the Difference?" because having lived life on both sides of the faith equation, I know what matters most! Therefore, I strive to make my thoughts, deeds, actions and reactions a blessing to the lover of my soul.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maureen's Pen at the Il Gelato Cafe, by Paula Rose Michelson

Never before have, I felt compelled to write a follow up blog to a book signing. But today was no ordinary beach day, and this was no ordinary signing. You see, I've been signing books at the Il Gelato Cafe since Book 1 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing was released. Perhaps you might be thinking it's because Domminico, who owns the place is a dear...and he is. Or maybe you envision the blue ocean and white sands... and they were. However, with fog so thick and liquid sunshine creating a less than perfect beach day, what made this day memorable, and I must add sweetly so were the people!

I've done events at many unusual places including an outdoor produce market and the 100th celebration of Watson's Pharmacy, Drugstore & Soda Fountain. I've signed books at conferences, an art gallery, at espresso places, BIOLA Christian University Library, and everything in-between including three books signings that took place at used bookstores! Every event was as unique as the people who stopped by were.

Weeks before each signing press announcements were sent out, and I expected a nice turnout. Very quickly I learned signings that aren't held in book stores can be more interesting for me and more enjoyable for those strolling by. For example, this morning after saying "Hi" to the Cafe staff at 10 am, I set up my table and sat down expecting to just take in the scenery until someone walked by. Instead, a woman came up to see what I was doing. Unlike my usual spiel, I just said I was an author doing a signing. I spent probably 3 minutes telling her about the two books, mentioned that the price was reduced if she bought both books, and she did! Rummaging in my purse for a pen so I could sign her books, I was amazed when she handed me her's, and even more amazed a few moments later to discover that she'd forgotten her pen!

Now you might be thinking I'm dramatizing this because that's what we authors do, and you're right! However, this is NO ORDINARY PEN! This slim, brown, cylinder that must be turned before you begin to write says "" on it, and has a unique loop design in a lovely subdued shade of Juniper, I'd not seen before. And when entered into a search engine takes me to a resort as lovely as Maureen was. So dear bibliophile, it you decide to visit my blog and stumble upon this entry please know your pen is safe and waiting for you here.

Interested in The Casa Saga Book's? Please watch these trailers:

Book One of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing

Book Two of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing 

Book Signing Today at the Il Gelato Cafe, 2110 W Oceanfront Newport Beach, CA 92663

Once again, I'm blessed to be at the  Il Gelato Cafe, 2110 W Oceanfront Newport Beach, CA 92663 signing Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing at this wonderful eatery! I'll b outside on the boardwalk soaking up the sun, and enjoying the day why people walk by and say, "Hi!" If you're looking for a great getaway, and live in OC, I recommend this spot!

From 10:30 to 4 today, I'm signing books at the well known eatery, Il Gelato Cafe, which faces beach. Please drop by fro a visit, and enjoy Dominic's amazing gelato, sandwiches to die for and much more all made fresh daily. 2110 W Oceanfront Newport Beach, CA 92663

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"A Dangled Web," quote from "Reviews by SweetReadz, article by Paula Rose Michelson

Recently I've posted my reviews of other author's books. I must admit that until recently I was concerned that reading other books would negatively impact my writing. I worried that I might find myself inadvertently writing another author's character's cadence or mannerisms into my books. Most writers probably don't think of such things. However, having lived two doors down from a friend with a slight stutter whom I like to spend time with I found that every time I was with her my family asked me if I had been. Upon questioning them I discovered that I am a mimic. Don't get me wrong, patterning cadence or using similar words when counseling, which in my role as a Chemical Dependency  - Life Style Councilor was something I did daily, was a good thing. But it is not advisable for an author to mimic. So I abstained from reading other authors books.

A few years into my publishing journey, I thought about self-publishing through Amazon. Wanting to know all I could about them before I self-published The Naomi Chronicles, Book One, Beginning Anew, I bought a Kindle. Noting that another self-published author friend of mine had used BookBub to promote her book, which quickly became an Amazon Best Seller, I signed up for BookBub so I could see what type of books they were promoting. Daily I receive information about free or very discounted books. Having heard and read some negative comments about authors who don't publish using the traditionally accepted means, I was delighted to discover that the books I was reading were in almost all instances better than those I'd been asked to judge for the most highly esteemed award in Christian Historical Fiction. In fact those five books were either so poorly written, edited, or the endings were so contrived that when asked to advance to the next round of judging, I not only declined, I sent a detailed explanation of why I did that, and strongly suggested that the award committee have two categories for entries: one traditional publishing, the other self-published. I suggested that once the top five of each category was selected the books covers would be removed and the novels sent out for the final round of judging. 

Obviously I never heard back, which brings me to the topic of today's blog, "A Dangled Web." I choose that title because that's the title of "SweetReadz Mag" review of Casa de Naomi: The House off Blessing, Book Two used. I've tweeted that title, posted it, and thanked the magazine!  

While all of this was going on I was devouring amazing Indie Authors books! Each of these creative, committed individuals wrote from their heart, some dug into their guts. Their stories mattered so very much to me that though we'd never meet we became great friends! These, I am proud to say, are my peers! They've taught me more about writing than any class, seminar, or book ever did, and I wanted to give something back. God is so good that He knew I would so without my knowing I was added to a Facebook page where authors swap book reviews, and my life hasn't been the same since! I love reading my fellow authors work! I no longer worry about how their books will influence my writing because reading the creative works of people that are called to write, God has removed my worry and replaced it with joy! In the process, I've become a better writer, and I believe a better follower of Messiah, for He did not count the cost and neither will I! I say that because along the way I have had to let go of some illusions and a few people. I've been emotionally bounced from here to the moon and back, or so it felt. But each time I landed with a smile more resolute to do what I was called to do and knowing as I never did before that God is being lifted up every day in every way by the authors I've reviewed. 

Tonight, I'm not posting my review about another author, but, an amazing review from SweetReadz "Reviews by SweetReadz Mag" that says, "Inspirational! This is a great book...What a dangled web this. I won't give the details away but just know that there's a lot of he wants her, she wants him, he wants the money and everyone is deep in sin... 

A wonderful inspirational faith based read about love, life, and forgiveness. There are things we are commissioned to do in our Christian walk, but life choices can make these things seem to push far back and our fleshly desires forefront..."

Monday, August 19, 2013

5* Delores Ayotte's Book "Up The "Down" Ladder - Simple Ideas to Overcome Depression" is a Breakthrough Masterpiece! by Paula Rose Michelson

Delores Ayotte's nonfiction "Up The "Down" Ladder - Simple Ideas to Overcome Depression is a Breakthrough Masterpiece! As a Chemical Dependency - Lifestyle Disorder Councilor who interned at Woodview Calabasas Psychiatric Hospital's dually diagnosed Chemical Dependency Unit, I can attest that usually in every generation there is new information that points to new theories. However, having worked in the system and then as a lay councilor for Freemont Community Church, I know that the most valuable information is dispensed by those caring individuals who having overcome reach out a hand, say a word, show the way while sharing their personal experiences. Where once people did this as a natural and right thing to do more and more today's mind set of `suck it up' and `look good at all times not  matter what it costs' has created an environment where the norm is to look good no matter what!

Into this dismal abyss steps a women who sees herself as an ordinary person, who has had some experiences others might learn from. Delores Ayotte does not tell us how to avoid life issues, she celebrates them! In reading her take we see that choices shape our world. This is clearly illustrated by the bank that wanted people to progress. Management meet with each employee to map out a year by year strategy so each employee could become self-actualizing. And a curious thing happened! Many who claimed to want to advance left. Why? Because for some...or in some situations it's easier to `want' than `do.'

Up The "Down" Staircase is a small book loaded with life changes examples gleaned from the author's experiences, and I for one, found them affirming, and if implemented when ready, you might perhaps view them to be as, or even more, valuable than seeing a therapist who might prescribe medication so you don't have to do the work, tell you that what you're going through is Normal, or suggest that it's someone else's fault. All of these options have been tried and not worked. If they had we would be feeling better not worse.

No! What is needed is a Truthsayer who has nothing to prove or gain from telling it like `it' is...if that's what you're looking for this book is a must read. But before you begin, I must suggest that you read a little and be kind to yourself as if you were your own best friend. For this is not a book to be rushed through because change that last's takes time. It took you a while to get where you are... a while to realize that it's not where you want to be. Now gift yourself the time to become the you, you wish to be.

Just as some of those who groused because they wanted to advance discovered, when the opportunity was available, that they didn't really want to, your voyage of discovery may take you to places you never imagined and show you things about yourself you never knew. Yet, I can promise you this after reading this amazing book, you will always be in charge, you will be respected and affirmed. And in the end you will be able to say with happy conviction, "You get to be you, and I get to be me!" Although this simple statement might sound ludicrous, true health is achieved when one knows and likes themself, and supports others as they strive to become who they want to be for it is in moving from wanting to becoming that we arrive! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A 5* Riveting Read by Ey Wade - Reviewed by Paula Rose Michelson

So real and riveting it could be the headline of tomorrow's paper if you enjoy drama The perfect Solution - A Suspense Choice by Ey Wade is the book for you! If you like to read about devotion, commitment and love...If you wan to read something that's crafted so deftly one would think it was written for the screen this is the book! There's never a let up in the tension as scene by scene our anxiety builds while we see how individual choices unfold leading us into a deranged woman's plan to take a preschooler from his daycare center and all that unfolds during the ordeal to get him back to his mommy as little Brhin-Krisoffer keeps pleading for his captor to do.

Using every parents worst nightmare and the trauma of one adult who is now traumatizing an innocent victim to show us what can happen and teach us who to prepare our youngsters to overcome the worst that can happen, the author shows us that even love once denied can be reignited through confronting what happened and then putting someone else's need above an old pain.

 As an author, I am often asked what I'm reading for it is widely known that we wordsmiths continue to hone our craft by reading work that entertains, captivates, has clearly defined characters, and enlarges our abilities. Ey Wade's 5 star book has done that for me and more!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Patchworked Quilt, by Paula Rose Michelson

When I wrote ‘The Patchwork Quilt’ in 1999 for a Woman’s Ministry Event I was speaking at I was thinking forward and backward. I post it today as a reminder to myself and others that what we do matters for eternity if that is our hearts focus and desire. Therefore, "Store up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where moth and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in." (Mathew 6:19).

The Patchworked Quilt

Lord, I am just a patchwork quilt made up of scraps and bits.
Colors that many or may not harmonize,
Fragments of most any size,
Sewn together with starts and fits.

Some may look at me and see the treasure of the years,
And realize that the seamstress chose fabric that was near and dear.
Others may see a shabby relic of the past,
And wonder why anyone would put forth the effort to make my fabric last.

But, You ‘Oh Creator of us all’
Know that in my life You have a heart call.
For You are the thread that holds together all,
The bright, the faded, the large, and the small.

I know that even though I am frayed and worn and some of my stuffing is torn,
In my present condition, I am a gift of your love.
May I be used to minister to those who need to hear of You enthroned above.
For without the threat of redemption that forms each perfect stitch,
Life would have no meaning, and pain would have no glitch.

I know that each trial woven into my faded tapestry,
Is another reminder of how great your love is for me.
Greater than the care of the weaver who fashioned each piece of cloth
From whose fragments, I am made.
For, when I received Your son by faith, my life itself you saved.

So let me step out in faith
To assume the mantle of change,
Let me put all my trust in You
As the fabric of my life, You rearrange.

Strengthen me for Your service. Keep me dedicated to Your cause.
Remind me that I was created to follow Your Godly laws.
Allow me to continually glorify You as You change me into something new,
Replete with an anointing that will last my whole life through.

Now when others see me, a new creation I will be.
But, underneath the memory of the patchwork quilt they will see.
And when they ask me of the ministry they have profited from,
I will tell them of Your calling, and Your Only Son.

For in duplicating my life’s call,
Eventually each Patchwork Quilt will become,
Heavenly tapestries,

Your glory to share with all as we Your Son, recall!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A wonderfully rare book review day, by Paula Rose Michelson

It is a wonderfully rare day indeed when I have the pleasure of posting two book reviews I wrote back to back that when read consecutively might become a double blessing. I say that because both Dolores Ayotte who wrote "A Woman's Voice," and Pastor Him Hughes' book "C Through Marriage" share a common thread, which is their desire to share what they each have done, and know with the hope...No....prayer that in reading their work, you, your marriage or thoughts about marriage and all that living with yourself, with a spouse or making godly choices entails would be done in a way that affirms all and draws you closer to God!

Below you will find my review of each book, and the Amazon link. Should you choose to read both or either of these tomes, I know you will be blessed!

 My 5* Review of C Through Marriage
 Written in the latter stages of Pastor, Jim Hughes' ministry and 40 years after he wed his wife, this informative book was compiled from Jim's notes on things he observed and the life lessons he fund in them. 

A firm believer in order and common sense, Jim's book shows us how to get back to the basics that have worked for generations of married couples. Backed by the Word of God, this book will bless those planning to wed, those who are married, and couples who have been together for years.

Within the pages we C all the things that can go wrong in marriage and how living a biblically based life helps us celebrate challenges. I would put this on my  'Must Gift List' for any who wish to develop a loving Bible based relationship.

My 5* Review of A Women's Voice
In this unique tome, Dolores Ayotte shares herself! In this day and age many are busy telling is what to do, how to think, whom to believe in. Yet few share themselves, their lives, and their personal journey as freely as this amazing author does.

Though a teacher who taught for many years, her goal her is to us her life experiences so that the reader can ask themself if what they are doing is working. It is indeed a rare juxtaposition from a teacher/instructor mindset to one where this caring author realized that what would serve the reader best was not to teach, but to show, and let them reflect.

I found the softly whispered questions at the end of each chapter were not a prod, and was, therefore as eager to reflect...I believe as you will be too. Having reflected, I think you will be able to move ahead as Dolores Ayotte did! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yesterday's Blessings, by Paula Rose Michelson

As I began to write this posting I thought of Psalm 37:4 "...delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart," and prayed that as you read this God would quicken to your heart all He has done for you so that you would rejoice with me because Messiah has done marvelous things for me and you too!!

Yesterday while posting about my favorite book signing place, I was thinking of my books, which isn't that odd for an author to be doing before the signing begins. However, arriving there and being greeted as if I were a family member or an often spoken of dear friend reminded me once again that God leads and I must follow. I say this because I was a little put out, when as a new author, I was told to look for those niche markets that would gladly host me. But finding that bookstores were closing and knowing that a newly released unknown author would not be noticed amongst the tomes of well know ones shoppers wanted to buy, I did as suggested, and was blessed!

I wish I could tell you that doing what is best or wisest comes naturally, but alas it doesn't, which is another reason I need Messiah in my life! I say that because I like most people I know want to live my life my way and call it His. Yet on this Sunday, I'm relishing the fact that in the Lord, I have another...much better option. An option that doesn't promise me anything but delights when I chose, and in the choosing there are multitudes of blessings!

Yesterday's blessings were unexpected! They came from three very caring, and interested people.

The first was gifted to me by a young man who raises money for nonprofit organizations. Noticing my book table and an empty chair, he sat down next to me, asked me about my novels, and bought a book. When I asked him how he'd like his book inscribed, he said, "I didn't buy the book to take it. I bought it to support your work!" It was then that I told him that when I stepped into the Cafe a throng gathered at my table. I hurried outside to assist them but they had already dispersed. Counting my books, I realized that someone had taken one. I told him that God must have wanted that person to read the book so it was alright. A few minutes after he left I counted my books and found the missing book was there again!

The second was a young woman wearing a shirt that said, "Cayucos California." Being a native Californian, I surprised was that I hadn't heard of the place, asked her how to pronounce the name, and was told that it sounded like "mucas!" We both laughed and after hearing that she was not from there I relaxed enough to answer her questions about my books....she blessed me by purchasing one!

The third and most amazing blessing was meeting Arlene...that's my aunts' name! I love the name Arlene!  This Arlene was as wonderful as my best memory of Aunt Arlene for after chatting a while, she pulled up a chair, and just like family or dear friends do we talked on and on. When she stood, I was sad that she was leaving, but she didn't! Instead she asked me if I'd like something as she headed into II Gelato Cafe and returned with a Diet Coke for me and a gelato for her. Before we parted we exchanged contact info and talked about where we'd meet next!! And oh yes...this amazing Jewish woman bought Book One of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, because she wanted to read the book!

Miraculous blessing happen every day! If you're not seeing them, it may be because you're not looking or don't believe in Messiah for He, my friend is the first and greatest miracle of all!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Signings at Il Gelato Café! by Paula Rose Michelson

Remembering my previous book signing at II Gelato Cafe, I'm singing a song as I prepare for today's event!

If you live in or are visiting Orange County, you couldn't pick a better time than these last lazy hazy days of summer to visit this beach eatery which faces the blue waters of the Pacific. Sun, sand, surf, and a great book would have made this a perfect get-a-way location for me before I became an author! Now I have the pleasure of inviting you to drop by, chat a while, and enjoy the local and great food while I sign your copy of either or both books of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing.

I'll be signing books from 10-3 and hope to see you there! If you can't make it this Saturday, don't fret.  I plan to be there every Saturday of this month unless all copies of my books are sold!

The address is: 2110 West Ocean Front, Newport Beach, CA

I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I believe! Help me in my unbelief, by Paula Rose Michelson

The title of today's post is found in Mark 9:24. In this portion of Scripture we see a father seeking Messiah's help for his son who has been demon possessed since birth. Yeshua's simple statement, "Everything is possible for one who believes," is as true today as it was back then.

Belief is one of many options. The various ways we distances ourselves from belief in Messiah is as numerous as the grains of sand, and causes a chasm, which, if measured might be deeper than the ocean, wider than the galaxy. Yet the pain of unbelief is more manageable than fence-sitting for vacillating between these two extremes causes one to feel and maybe see themselves as hypocritical. Satan loves that because we become ineffectual for the Lord at best, and may do or say something while trying to resolve our issue that he can use to slander Our Kinsman Redeemer.

The one question I hear from believers, fence sitter's, and nonbelievers alike is, “How can this One God be more than one?” The "One" they are speaking of is the word "Echad." Because there is no English equivalent for the word "Echad" it was translated wrongly to mean "One." Bible scholars know and teach that we must allow the Scriptures to define themselves and look at how the word is used the very first time. Searching the Scriptures, we discover that "Echad" is first used when a man and woman marry and consummate their union, they become one flesh...A Unity. This unity is a physical representation of how God can exist as Father (Adonai), Son (Messiah), and Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh).

Since the Adam sinned man has been trying to fathom an unfathomable God. We try to understand heavenly things but possess, even at genius level time's infinity, a worldly intellect.

To believe and receive we have to suspend our belief that Godly things must make sense to us. In Is. 55:8 God declares, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways."

Many stand at this crossroad trying to rationalization God and Scripture. God knew this would be the case. Joshua sums up this ongoing issue when he says, in Joshua 24: 15, "If serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then chose for yourselves today whom you will serve." The message is clear! We chose...We face the consequences of our choice. Trying to understand God or Scripture, the Virgin birth, Messiah's atonement that brought us his forever Shalom requires faith, which is a gift from God that receive when we chose to believe.

When one receives a gift with joy they do not question its worth, importance, or try to figure it out because they are happy to receive the blessing. Conversely if one receives a gift they fear (like an unspecified bequest from someone others slandered) or are given a gift that has unspoken expectations (like a stenographers course to someone who is a poor speller) receiving implies they are now accountable to the giver. That mindset eliminates...No I believe extinguishes joy. When considering which of these two divergent perspective to choose remember choosing defines you. However, God is so good that should you walk away before you claim his gift, he will never stop calling you. He loves you so much that if you know him and have spurned him, he waits for you to resume the relationship. With a simple "Forgive me," you can be in fellowship with him once more.

I would be remiss in not sharing that though believers leave Messiah's tender care, and while gone are building their testimony, staying is always best. And the best course when trying to get away from the trap Satan has set is to seek God's guidance through prayer.

Since the fall, when Satan said we would know everything God did, we have wanted to know. The adversary uses our belief in our intellect to take us away from the lover of our souls! To stop this from I happening, I suggest you do as Yeshua taught and turn away and pray.

 was a man of prayer. Let us emulate him for in doing so we will understand the unfathomable things in the Spirit, which we cannot speak of because our words are like a clanging gong a hollow noise unable to articulate heavenly things. And that, my friend, is as it should be.

Until we meet again may all God's Blessings be yours as You Walk with Him!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gratitude, by Paula Rose Michelson

I'd like to think that God has created within me a grateful heart. I say that because coming to faith at forty, I know the difference between being blessed by Messiah or those who follow him, and what the world says is a blessing that is worthy of one's gratitude. The attitude of gratitude of those living a life untethered by any belief can lead one to believe that they did it all themselves, no matter what the 'it' is! The life lived by faith in Messiah, who loved me and gave his life for me, reflects the knowledge that Jesus (Yeshua) really does love ME!

Because of this amazing love, I have been changed. Those who knew me before I believed knew I was a softhearted sweetie-pie. I know that because they told me so. Those who know me now, I have it on good authority (my husband) would tell you the same thing, so you're probably wondering what all the hoopla's about. Well...that's why I'm writing about GRATITUDE because if you are grateful in the small things you will be that way in all things for gratitude stems from the understanding that if left to our own, we could never solve, handle, do, learn, except...the list goes on and on. And for those who trusted in Messiah's atoning work, this immense blessing of gratitude, which stems from the knowledge that while I was still dead in my trespasses Christ died for me causes one to understand the depth and breath of God's love! That's right! The very God who breathed life into Adam, who called Father Abraham his friend, who said David was a man after his own heart, wants you to have the blessing he so lavishly poured out on them!

If you're scratching your head thinking you're not daft enough to give what you have to get what you don't understand, I'll share that God's blessings are multiplied to infinity + infinity because those who believe in and follow his teachings continue to do his work here on earth. They don't see what they do as 'work' and aren't trying to stack up brownie points in heaven. They do what they do because the old has passed away and a new nature...I'll call it a God like nature, shows them what is needed, and if able, they respond. I say 'if' able because they're not responding from their own abilities. They're able to respond because God has gifted them the sensitivity to know what is needed , which  I call spiritual discernment, and he has equipped them with unique abilities to help as he would. Using God's gifts given to us by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) blesses the giver and receiver for in that moment they see Messiah as clearly as the men who were walking to Emmaus did!

I'm sharing all of this with you today so that you can enter into my joy!

For months...perhaps six or seven months--maybe more, I've had problems with Facebook! They began when my original website, and three blogs were hacked causing me to lose control of them. The issues continued to multiply, and I didn't know what to do! During this time I was added to many pages, and I found myself continually dealing with an onslaught of Facebook and twitter email's, which became more than I could handle. I kept praying. As the months passed I knew I couldn't continue to deal with this, for want of a better word 'Hot Mess!' A few weeks ago, I noticed that Facebook's NetworkedBlogs was no longer uploading my new posts. But it was only a few day ago when I saw 'the writing on the wall' which although mentioned in Daniel 5:1, was very different from God judging Nebuchadnezzar and telling him that this night his life would be forfeit. For me the 'writing was on the wall' when I discovered that Facebook's Java Script no longer functioned on my blog! When that shut down so did everything on this blog except for my latest post. Not know what to do, I wanted to pull the plug and leave. I was so upset that I didn't care that I was leaving great, believing, praying friends! I told myself and them that I was leaving, and would be back a week later to begin anew.

Isn't life oddly amazing! Here I was getting ready for The Naomi Chronicles, Book One, Beginning Anew to release in the fall, and I was throwing all my Facebook blessings away!

Enter a blessing!

Though some of you might have seen this posted on Facebook last night, I'm posting it here so others can rejoice, and those who do not know Messiah yet...especially those who need a sign will see one! Enjoy!

Hooray! I'm Staying on Facebook!

Once in a great while God sends me an angel in the form of a caring, knowledgeable person! Jude Dankworth of Net Media Consultants is my Facebook Angel! I haven't known her long, or well. We didn't connect much because both of us were doing our own thing. However, that changed when I posted notices on Facebook that I was leaving. As a Social Media Consultant, and author, she listened to all my woes, and taught me how to correct EVER issue!

Some of you might notice that there are less Facebook pages, that's because I deleted my groups. Others might realize that I'm no longer on their page. That was a little harder, but needing time to write and have a life, I chose to remain on pages where I developed ongoing friendships with people who espoused my beliefs.  

I have posted the link to Jude Dankworth's Facebook page here and encourage you to work with her whenever the need arises!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My review of Lisa L. Keck's novel "Night Blooming Jasmine," by Paula Rose Michelson

One moment a beautiful young woman engaged to be married. The Next blind, helpless, refusing to live the life she has. How does a nineteen year old over come? How does the man who loves her convince her that they will wed when he is forbidden to see, speak, or send her a letter?

Written with great insight, love, and compassion,  Lisa L. Keck's novel "Night Blooming Jasmine" tugged at my heartstrings! Weaving a tender trail that does not disappoint, I found myself alternately worried for and happy that the main characters had enough faith in God to overcome. Within the pages the author shows a unique understanding of the juxtaposition of self and faith issues many of us might face. I believe this fiction is also a primmer, one I will gladly share with others!

At the end of the book, you will discover that the title of the novel is a teaching, simply asked, and eloquently articulated in one short sentence. The words took my breath away, and now I have those word in my heart!