Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maureen's Pen at the Il Gelato Cafe, by Paula Rose Michelson

Never before have, I felt compelled to write a follow up blog to a book signing. But today was no ordinary beach day, and this was no ordinary signing. You see, I've been signing books at the Il Gelato Cafe since Book 1 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing was released. Perhaps you might be thinking it's because Domminico, who owns the place is a dear...and he is. Or maybe you envision the blue ocean and white sands... and they were. However, with fog so thick and liquid sunshine creating a less than perfect beach day, what made this day memorable, and I must add sweetly so were the people!

I've done events at many unusual places including an outdoor produce market and the 100th celebration of Watson's Pharmacy, Drugstore & Soda Fountain. I've signed books at conferences, an art gallery, at espresso places, BIOLA Christian University Library, and everything in-between including three books signings that took place at used bookstores! Every event was as unique as the people who stopped by were.

Weeks before each signing press announcements were sent out, and I expected a nice turnout. Very quickly I learned signings that aren't held in book stores can be more interesting for me and more enjoyable for those strolling by. For example, this morning after saying "Hi" to the Cafe staff at 10 am, I set up my table and sat down expecting to just take in the scenery until someone walked by. Instead, a woman came up to see what I was doing. Unlike my usual spiel, I just said I was an author doing a signing. I spent probably 3 minutes telling her about the two books, mentioned that the price was reduced if she bought both books, and she did! Rummaging in my purse for a pen so I could sign her books, I was amazed when she handed me her's, and even more amazed a few moments later to discover that she'd forgotten her pen!

Now you might be thinking I'm dramatizing this because that's what we authors do, and you're right! However, this is NO ORDINARY PEN! This slim, brown, cylinder that must be turned before you begin to write says "" on it, and has a unique loop design in a lovely subdued shade of Juniper, I'd not seen before. And when entered into a search engine takes me to a resort as lovely as Maureen was. So dear bibliophile, it you decide to visit my blog and stumble upon this entry please know your pen is safe and waiting for you here.

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