Thursday, August 1, 2013

My review of Lisa L. Keck's novel "Night Blooming Jasmine," by Paula Rose Michelson

One moment a beautiful young woman engaged to be married. The Next blind, helpless, refusing to live the life she has. How does a nineteen year old over come? How does the man who loves her convince her that they will wed when he is forbidden to see, speak, or send her a letter?

Written with great insight, love, and compassion,  Lisa L. Keck's novel "Night Blooming Jasmine" tugged at my heartstrings! Weaving a tender trail that does not disappoint, I found myself alternately worried for and happy that the main characters had enough faith in God to overcome. Within the pages the author shows a unique understanding of the juxtaposition of self and faith issues many of us might face. I believe this fiction is also a primmer, one I will gladly share with others!

At the end of the book, you will discover that the title of the novel is a teaching, simply asked, and eloquently articulated in one short sentence. The words took my breath away, and now I have those word in my heart!

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