Monday, August 12, 2013

A wonderfully rare book review day, by Paula Rose Michelson

It is a wonderfully rare day indeed when I have the pleasure of posting two book reviews I wrote back to back that when read consecutively might become a double blessing. I say that because both Dolores Ayotte who wrote "A Woman's Voice," and Pastor Him Hughes' book "C Through Marriage" share a common thread, which is their desire to share what they each have done, and know with the hope...No....prayer that in reading their work, you, your marriage or thoughts about marriage and all that living with yourself, with a spouse or making godly choices entails would be done in a way that affirms all and draws you closer to God!

Below you will find my review of each book, and the Amazon link. Should you choose to read both or either of these tomes, I know you will be blessed!

 My 5* Review of C Through Marriage
 Written in the latter stages of Pastor, Jim Hughes' ministry and 40 years after he wed his wife, this informative book was compiled from Jim's notes on things he observed and the life lessons he fund in them. 

A firm believer in order and common sense, Jim's book shows us how to get back to the basics that have worked for generations of married couples. Backed by the Word of God, this book will bless those planning to wed, those who are married, and couples who have been together for years.

Within the pages we C all the things that can go wrong in marriage and how living a biblically based life helps us celebrate challenges. I would put this on my  'Must Gift List' for any who wish to develop a loving Bible based relationship.

My 5* Review of A Women's Voice
In this unique tome, Dolores Ayotte shares herself! In this day and age many are busy telling is what to do, how to think, whom to believe in. Yet few share themselves, their lives, and their personal journey as freely as this amazing author does.

Though a teacher who taught for many years, her goal her is to us her life experiences so that the reader can ask themself if what they are doing is working. It is indeed a rare juxtaposition from a teacher/instructor mindset to one where this caring author realized that what would serve the reader best was not to teach, but to show, and let them reflect.

I found the softly whispered questions at the end of each chapter were not a prod, and was, therefore as eager to reflect...I believe as you will be too. Having reflected, I think you will be able to move ahead as Dolores Ayotte did! 

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