Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What I Didn't Know About Writing & now The Christian Writers Connection!

The Naomi Chronicles (3 Book Series) by  Paula Rose Michelson
Honestly, I didn't know I'd begun writing the Naomi Chronicles until I read a short portion of what would become book one of that saga, No Other Choice. While reading a snippet at the Shuvah Yisrael Women's Writer's Group, one of the members who'd been encouraging me to write exclaimed, "You're writing a book!" The women agreed and I discovered the lady who'd been encouraging me to write was a small Messianic publisher who wanted to publish my work! Bolster up by my husband and writers I began to write the story Naomi was telling me. 

I had written a weekly column called 'Teen Scene' for a San Diego paper when a teen, and while interning in a dually diagnosed psychiatric hospital, helped write the updated interne training manual. Neither of these experiences prepared me to write fiction. I must confess that I did not know writers must chose the 'voice' they were to write in... All I knew was that I would write as long as my heroine, Naomi was telling me her story.

Amazed to have found a publisher, and just months away from the first books release date, while doing a final read through, I discovered there was too much of me and not enough of Naomi. Though the task was daunting, I did a major rewrite. With the help of my editor, who’d read a portion and knew the book would be much better, the publisher agreed to postpone the release.  When preparing to send the second novel, Choosing to Be to the publisher, once again I had a lot to re-write.  

By the third book, Beginning Anew, I knew what was needed and looked forward to honing my skills.

Due to health issues, however, by the time I was preparing the fourth book, Commitment for Two for publication, I had forgotten what I'd learned and only realized this when working with a dear Christian author who offered to edit my work.

I share all of this today, to let anyone who is struggling with their writing process know out of the crucible of creation, readers are blessed. For James 1:17 says, Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
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Founded by author Paula Rose Michelson, the Christian Writers Connection is for all who spread the gospel through writing. We encourage all writers and readers to come to this FREE meeting for support and encouragement. Since reader feedback helps writers hone their skill, we hope many readers will attend.  Whether you’re reader, a new writer, or a seasoned pro, published or self-published we look forward to seeing you us on October 21st from 10 to 11:30am in the Lutheran Church of the Cross Social Hall (24231 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637). 
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Commitment for Two: The Naomi Chronicles, Book 4: In love. Chaz and Naomi have waited forever. Now they can consummate their wedding vows. Except Chaz insisted Lola who caused Naomi to flee must live with them again! Author, Allison Kohn’s 5-Star rave says, “Each book keeps getting better and I would not have thought it possible!”
The Elephants Christmas (memoir and fiction)

Meet Paula Rose Michelson
Writing great Inspirational Christian Romances, Thrillers, Nonfiction, Self-help and works to encourage are author Paula Rose Michelson’s passion. Her desire to inspire others comes from being a late reader, who discovered books were her best friends! A lover of inspiring fictions where the heroine was one for her families’ sake, she writes about amazing women, and unique faith challenges

Paula is married to Lutheran Pastor & Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary Ron Michelson. The happy couple have two married daughters and seven grandchildren. Her books and eBooks are available on Amazon, at other online booksellers, and can be ordered by your local bookstore.