Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Stars! No Other Choice is a Must Read if…

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Once more on Amazons 100 Bestsellers List! Pastor Jimmy Garland said of this star-crossed couples love story, 'No Other Choice is a rich and enticing story, which I thoroughly enjoyed.' 

I have enjoyed reading most of my life and it has been very rare that I was taken into a story so completely as I was as I read this one. They say what makes a story worth reading is the personal crises. In No Other Choice I found myself identifying with the main character early on. Not that I was raised in a Jewish family or faced the extreme persecution they face, but as a human who does not feel that they must hide some part of who they really are? This is a work or amazing insight that can bless anyone who ever felt out of place in their life. Thanks for a marvelous book of Blessing.' ~ Pastor Jimmy Garland

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'Whether fiction, nonfiction, or Christian Self-help, author Paula Rose Michelson is a fresh voice proclaiming her love for the Lord as she shows her readers that choices shape our lives, so choose wisely or chose again. This writer is a living stone for Messiah.'

For more about the author visit her Amazon her page at

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For Valentines Day a Gift of Star-Crossed Love!

`*•.¸¸This Valentine’s Day Gift Her this a Poignant Love Story `*•.¸¸
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She married a man she was forbidden to love. He wants her and she wants him. If thoughts were deeds they’d be deep in sin…or maybe they are already! 

Can Naomi find a way to let him know her secret? 

Will Chaz still love her when he knows?

Will Lola be their undoing?

Love, deceitbetrayal, fear can they overcome or be forever torn apart?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 Stars! "A Brilliant Book!" said Vonnee Lee

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"This is quite the most beautiful and poignant story I've read in a long while. I found the style of writing both poetic and romantic. In some small way it reminded me of the ‘Song of Solomon’. Not one character, no matter how small the part they play in the story is side-lined. Each one is written with such depth. The author's portrayal of Spanish Harlem is so artistic; one can almost smell the food and spices in the market place. This is a story based around the powerful human emotions of, deception, mistrust, love and betrayal.

Paula Rose Michelson’s book, is about Naomi a lovely young Jewish woman who… when I first started to read the book, I confess I thought the old lady offering to rescue the Naomi from Ellis Island official was kidnapping her! However, the opposite was true; Tia takes Naomi home and looked after her because of unforeseen circumstances Naomi is stranded and alone on Ellis Island. The old Tia rescues her, gives her a life and a future.

When Tia dies, Naomi takes over the work of helping the vulnerable young women arriving at Ellis Island. One day she rescued the wrong girl...Lola. What a nasty piece of work she is! I will say no more as I do not wish to give away any part of the story.

It's a brilliant book, and really makes one think about…I am so pleased I had the opportunity to read it. I can't wait to read book two!"

Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Stars! "This Should be a Movie!"

A film producer wants 2 make NO OTHER CHOICE into a MOVIE
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Begin the Journey of an Overcoming Love ~ Read this Inspired Romance

While reading ‘No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One’, I felt what the characters were feeling!  I lived Naomi's reality and discovered, as she did, that she had unwittingly entered the country illegally!

The drama escalated from there mounting until, hidden and trained, Naomi took the old Tia's place. Thinking she was safe, I relaxed but more tension, accompanied by yearning, and a love I hoped would finally be fulfilled, I saw destroyed by one so cunning whom Naomi had helped.

If you love stories written from the heart that will resonate in yours this book is a must read.  I hope it’s made into a movie, and I eagerly await the release of book two for the feelings this book provoked will not be forgotten.

About Paula Rose Michelson
The founder of LAMB Ministries, Paula helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of scripture, and prayer. The wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson; she is the mother of two married daughters, a grandmother of seven. She is passionate about and involved in ministry. A working author, she hones her craft daily and loves to speak or teach the effective use Scripture while still finding time to meet with friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

AVAILABLE on KINDLE UNLIMITED! 5 Stars! “Spiritually Riveting” – Sugar “Sugar”

Available on Kindle Unlimited
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 "The continuation of Naomi's story is no less than spiritually riveting. Ms. Michelson relies heavily on the word of the Lord in her writing in a way that demonstrates her faithfulness and wisdom in the scripture.

She gives the reader an inspirational feeling and greater understanding of the Lord's words.

Chaz and Naomi's story continues to be about the importance of letting go and letting God. Naomi and Chaz will captivate you and leave you feeling inspired.

I gave this book five stars for being a captivating labor of love that shares the good news of the Lord."

                                About Paula Rose Michelson

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Stars! "A Book Worthy Of..."


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Naomi will be sent back! She left her family and all she held dear, traveled half way around the word while accompanying a blind, old grandmother because they promised to help her enter America and find her uncle. Instead they handed her over to immigration. What she does now, she does because there is no other choice!

This is Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress. Trapped in a life where all who know her think her a saint, saddled with a mission and responsibility many would shirk from placed upon her shoulders, Naomi agrees to marry because that seems to be the easiest way to sidestep more issues.

As timely as the immigration debate of today is, author, William Struse’s endorsement says, “Duty, sacrifice, and faith are carried in the arms of love by a courageous young woman, who rises above her own flaws to help others.”

About Paula Rose Michelson
The founder of LAMB Ministries, Paula helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of scripture, and prayer. The wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson; she is the mother of two married daughters, a grandmother of seven. She is passionate about and involved in ministry. A working author, she hones her craft daily and loves to speak or teach the effective use Scripture while still finding time to meet with friends.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Always Something New!

As a writer of many fiction and nonfiction's too, I find it hard to stay focused on what I've done and that's what I'm writing about. 

Many fear that doing something very different will sully their author name. In the not to distant past authors who dabbled like this used nom de plume's - pen names. Today with many readers seeking a writer able to mix it up there is no needed to do this.

Instead the need is to be flexible in genre and style. With something new to captivate, readers who loved your work will come back for both more of the same and that rare inexplicable read for which they came. 

For those who love to always write what they always have readers who were captivated will still be so.

However, for the author who needs a break, for the reader eager too... this match made in heaven is one that yearns for something new. 

And if an author like me, needs to feel free too explore, just shut the door on all you knew and inspiration will, I am sure, come to you anew!

I say this for the picture you see is going to be the cover of a short novella I'm working on now which is very different and yet, you'll have to read it and see what it's about once it's released.  And neither heaven nor I know when that'll be.

 About Paula Rose Michelson

The author of romantic inspirational fiction, biblically based Christian Self-help, political nonfiction, and works written to encourage are at:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Attention Christian Authors Your Book Promoted if...

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

This is Naomi’s life...enter and risk everything!

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What if you married a man you were forbidden to love to side step problems and found yourself falling in love with? 

5 STARS! "A soulful story in the tradition of some of the Bible's great heroines. Duty, sacrifice, and faith are carried in the arms of love by a courageous young woman, who rises above her own flaws to help others. After reading this touching story, you will be asking yourself, is my life a blessing to others?" — William Struse

                                           Chapter 1 - What Now: a Snippet

As they entered the building and turned down a dark corridor all Naomi could think was, now what will I do? The man pointed to a chair in a stark office. Steeling her resolve, she entered, sat down, and clutched the old, brown, leather suitcase to her chest. Seeing an official take a man into a room, she heard his interview begin. The door shut. Her mind raced, now what…what now, demanding an answer. She closed her eyes, and tried to think of one but there were none. No answers for immigration, and she had known there would be none even before she ran away from home in the middle of the night without a goodbye or a note explaining. Aware that running away from the reality of being a Jew in a country that allowed only those of one faith, and that one not hers, to live there, she had planned to find her uncle once she was allowed into America and help him bring their family here. Tears formed. She blinked them back, certain that if she cried; she would never be allowed to enter America.  
Seeking oblivion she closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them, she would find this was a horrid nightmare. Her mind brought her back to the moment fear had taken control of her life once more. She heard herself screaming, “Abuela Sosa, please do not be dead!” Her Madre’s training took over because she heard her say, mi hija, think of something else. She tried, but as if things could not get any worse, the image of the old woman’s daughter-in-law packing her meager belongings into her suitcase flashed before her, and she heard herself demand, “You have no need of me anymore? I gave you a year of my life! Your esposo…your husband promised he would help me enter America and search for my uncle if I took care of his madre!”  
Aware that the kindhearted old woman had treated her as if she were her very
own kin, her sorrow increased. Yet knowing that her daughter-in-law had never visited the old woman during their voyage, and was only there now because it was necessary, Naomi was not surprised that this woman appeared unfazed by her charge’s death as she dispassionately closed the lid to the teenager’s suitcase and stared at her. Instead of demanding that the woman fetch a doctor, as she had insisted an hour ago when she fetched her, all Naomi could think of was, what do I do, now what do I do? Then she corrected herself, Naomi, it is not what do you do…it is what can I do to convince them to let me stay? She watched the woman eyeing her and wondered why is she in a hurry to rid herself of me before the doctor examines Abuela Sosa and declares her dead? Only then did she remember the woman’s secretive responses to an odd phone call that came moments after she followed Naomi into the estate room. Maybe the family discovered the last name I gave was not…she felt a knot in her stomach, and knew her worst fears were going to come true.  

Available in Kindle at:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your Prayers are Needed!

With the changing times, outreach as it was done in the 20th century seems to be a think of the past. Where before churches ministered the Gospel as they always had and meet real needs today it is the felt but seldom voiced needs that most aren’t aware of or are trying to ameliorate through social networking that we must address.

Having spoken with Pastor about several possibilities as well as things I done before, it was only when I took a much needed time out to heal and do what seemed like ‘nothing’ that God touched my heart. Looking back I believe I needed to become sick enough to stop so my heart would be ready and willing to begin a new thing. And as I spoke with Pastor about my idea(s) I saw what I can only call a gleam of joyful commitment in his eyes.

So today I’m speaking at our ‘Senior Day Out’ luncheon about a new outreach concept which involves starting a Christian Storytellers’ Club and TV Show and I NEED your prayers. I say this because though loved and approved of by our congregation, in my own right, though I am Pastor Ron’s wife, this venue has been a difficult one for me to speak at. Yet I knew God wanted me to and when Pastor Leland agreed I was blessed.

However, on the eve of this event old doubts crept in.  Now prayed up, affirmed, and supported I will do what I never wanted to do again for what we planned cannot begin unless 20 people sign up for this club and some offer to help because of the ‘…a cord of three strands…’ we read about in Scripture is needed, I know I need at least two to work alongside me, so please lift all of this unto the Lord in prayer.

Thank & God bless each of you! 

Paula Rose Michelson’s journey from fear to faith in Messiah and awareness that the Lord turned her, “darkness into light” (2 Samuel 22:29) when she took, “every thought captive unto Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5), thus daily having her thoughts, “transformed by the renewing of (her) mind”, (Romans 12:2), she founded LAMB Ministries in 1988 and continues to help women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer.

A Messianic Jew, she wanted to write about life, love, choices, forgiveness, and researched what befell the Jews baptized into the Catholic faith to survive the Inquisition. When starting to write, Naomi shared her story. Though her story is unique, Naomi's issues of fear and hiding are universal and serve as a template that the Lord is using to fulfill the Great Commissions through literature as those who read The Naomi Chronicles discover their condition and believe in Jesus!

The first LAMB Ministries biblically based Self-help books for women suffering from trauma and abuse, her 12 page memoir written to encourage those who feel ‘less than’ all of these books, and those books yet to be released stem from Paula’s belief that God is in control. She and I are particularly excited about ‘The Elephant’ books, which will garner an audience with the release of ‘The Elephant’s Christmas’ and her ‘LAMB Ministries Recovery Series’ because they have been bequeathed to The Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Paula helped write a recovery interne program while interning in a dually diagnosed psychiatric unit as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, worked for The Rubicon Center as a house parent for six preteens girls who were removed from their homes due to abuse, and prior to meeting me received awards and accolades for her paintings which hung in and were sold by a Rodeo Drive Gallery. Now an author of Inspiration Christian Fiction and biblically based Self-help books, and other works to encourage readers to seek the Lord, several of her books have been on Amazon’s 100 Bestsellers in their respective categories.

With all Paula has going on as the mother of two married daughters, grandmother of seven grandchildren, who when not involved in ministry, writing, speaking, or teaching the effective use Scripture, researching her next book, meeting with friends, or chatting with her family can find time to begin a multilayered approach of outreach to the lost in Laguna Woods Village that she will share with you is a testament to what Jesus has laid on her heart!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The First Monday of the New Year is Time to...

Many have celebrated with gusto, some have looked back with and wished they'd... others spent time remembering when. But whether the New Year was meet with joy or made us think about things that weren't 2015 is here, which can make this Monday a watershed moment or a day we dread since loved ones, our job, abilities, situations changed. Perhaps things we hadn't anticipated or planned for were thrust upon us that made us feel we didn't measure up.

Yet when I read Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future,” I discover two things that sustain me. First, the very God who created me and knows the number of hairs on my head as well as my comings and goings knows my shortcomings and has done for me what I did not. Second, by trusting Him, I do not need to fear for if anyone should have been fearful of what he was facing it would have been Messiah (Christ).

However, that is not the picture of God's Suffering Servant that we see. Though in Mathew 26:39, Jesus prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me.’ In the next breath  he uttered, “Yet not as I will, but as you will,” for he knew he had come into the world to do all that was prophesied about him so we could look upon this Monday and every other day of the week as a day of opportunity.

For having been ransomed as prophesied, we now own the reality of Romans 8:2, which says, “…because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death,” we are truly free indeed! So choose to walk today and every day in Messiah's footsteps and yours will be a life that looks backward with joy and forward with expectation in what the Lord will do to you and through you!

When you look back on this year the first Monday of 2016, I hope you see it as a year filled with the Fruit of the Spirit, so like that heart filled tree posted above, you know all you did was done with Gods eternal love.