Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Stars! No Other Choice is a Must Read if…

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Once more on Amazons 100 Bestsellers List! Pastor Jimmy Garland said of this star-crossed couples love story, 'No Other Choice is a rich and enticing story, which I thoroughly enjoyed.' 

I have enjoyed reading most of my life and it has been very rare that I was taken into a story so completely as I was as I read this one. They say what makes a story worth reading is the personal crises. In No Other Choice I found myself identifying with the main character early on. Not that I was raised in a Jewish family or faced the extreme persecution they face, but as a human who does not feel that they must hide some part of who they really are? This is a work or amazing insight that can bless anyone who ever felt out of place in their life. Thanks for a marvelous book of Blessing.' ~ Pastor Jimmy Garland

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'Whether fiction, nonfiction, or Christian Self-help, author Paula Rose Michelson is a fresh voice proclaiming her love for the Lord as she shows her readers that choices shape our lives, so choose wisely or chose again. This writer is a living stone for Messiah.'

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