Monday, February 2, 2015

For VALENTINES gifting LOVE Stories~ 1/2 Price Till March

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What words fail to covey this trio of books about a star-crossed couple who marry without sharing their secrets, flee once they are known, and reaffirm their vows again at their friend's wedding not knowing that they both believe as they do.

Yes! Whether you are dating, engaged, or married these books were written for you. Instead of wondering what would suit gift love titled 'No Other Choice', Choosing to Be,  'Beginning Anew ' and as this star-crossed couple comes together again you can again experience the wonder of love anew between the one you gifted these books to and you.

No Other Choice 
No one knew her, for she had entered the country illegally. When the servitude she endured to be here was about to end she found she could not leave. Years later, married to a man she was forbidden to love, she fell in love with him. Promising to tell him all, the devil was in the details, or perhaps I should say when secrets are revealed love isn't she sees no other choice but to do what she must.

Choosing to Be
Becoming new was important for each of them. However, their quest did not make their secrets disappear but made them realize that they were missing the most important person in their life. Each aware that they may be rejected will they give up everything if need be to be with the person they love? 

Beginning Anew
So in love are they that, while at a friend wedding, they said I do again! Will they be overcome by the hurt that drove them apart before? Or, will they experience the love that dreams are made of? 

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  1. If you read kindle books, they are a very good price right now! I just tweeted each book! I can't wait to read them.

  2. I'm glad you got the download while the books are half off! I've extended the discount till the end of February.

    I hope you enjoy the books and would love to see your thoughts posted on each books Amazon review section. You don't have to say much, a sentence of two will do. Since you have the kindles, the link (below) will take you to the Amazon page that shows you how to loan a kindle to another reader for 14 days.