Saturday, February 14, 2015

1/2 OFF this 5 Star Romance! “...insight, passion & faith.” - Lindsay Townsend, Romance Author

“The characters in this story are all well-rounded and finely shaded. The author writes in smooth, compelling prose and has penned a complex story of faith, love and redemption. 

The sights, sounds textures and culture of the time are cleverly brought to life and the choices of each character are vividly shown. 

The strengths of family are revealed but so too is the ugly prejudice that often blighted the lives of people who were perceived as being in any way 'different' from the American dream, either in race or faith...

On a more intimate level, Naomi has to learn how to love and take time for herself. Her new husband Chaz works hard to show her his love in return. But theirs is a marriage built on a lie and once that lie is exposed by a spiteful third person, will their relationship survive?

An arresting novel with many surprises. I learned much from it.”

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