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Jewish Gravestones Overturned & What YOU Need 2 KNOW About...

The article you’re about to read was released, as was the book it’s found in, in 2014. Usually I don’t use this blog to state my political ideas. However, as a Messianic Jew, who believes that Yeshua (Jesus) in the Messiah, I felt that I MUST post this article because of the growing number of Jewish cemeteries that have been desecrated. For those of you who do NOT know the HISTORY of ISRAEL & how THE LEAGUE of NATIONS gave Israel to the English, who renamed it PALESTINE after creating an autonomous TRANSJORDAN, I believe the article posted below will shed some MUCH-NEEDED LIGHT on what was a squabble between relatives until others got involved.  ALSO, and THIS is VERY IMPORTANT considering all that Congress is saying, you will discover that after the HOLOCAUST all the ships of Jewish refugees were turned away from America!

America, the Myth of Replacement Theology & You!

We all remember the boat people who tried to escape the Vietnam fiasco, don’t we? But did you know that many years before that there were other …boat people, I mean? That’s right! In fact, it might be said that modern Israel rose from the corpses of those refugees who were turned away at almost every port. Many of you might not believe this, but it’s true! If America, you know…the good old US of A, hadn’t gotten suckered, rather talked into voting for the partition of Palestine by several well-placed people...I know you want all the details but for brevity’s sake I’m gonna cite Colonial David Daniel Marcus, or as his friends called him, Mickey, who knew a lot of high-ranking officers ‘cause he’d served in the higher military echelons with the big brass. Now that this well-liked Jewish guy was a civilian, and David Ben-Gurion had asked him to become Israel's first modern general – this Aluf of a country that didn’t exist, found himself meeting with the American top brass hoping to prove to them the necessity of making modern Israel a reality. If he and others hadn’t done this there would be no problem in the land today! And the place that is known as an exporter of all things, where many countries go to learn the latest technology, would still be the backwater of the Arab nations where people who were considered the refuse of their society ended up. It was a land too poor to eke out a living, where only the hopeless endured what was left of their existence! That, my friend, is what all the fighting is about…the haves and have not’s… as in the kiddo shmiddos!

If you think I’m wrong, think again! Whenever there’s a family squabble, it’s usually about one kid getting what the other one wants. And thinking about Father Abraham’s boys, this has been going on for eons in Israel, the land where if we stop and listen we can almost hear the wind sigh, “God Is Real!” As real as Israel is! “Get it? Got it! Good!” To paraphrase one of my favorite Danny Kaye characters in the movie where the chalice with the palace had the brew that was true, and Kaye, unable to remember which vessel was which, almost drank from the vessel with the pestle that had the poison. Of course in the movie we see that it’s sorted out and ends well. This was funny, but it isn’t when ‘We, The American People’ see a similar shell game coming from our elected officials! Will Rodgers would have lampooned this Congress because they were sent there by us to mind the store, not spend all its revenue. Talk about gaming us people, like we’ve somehow become the patsy for everyone whoever…

Not able to follow me? Here’s the problem, when I was talking about the movie, I left out the word JESTER, as in The Court Jester. Think I jest? Well, let’s take a look… We’ve become a country that’s been snapped in and snapped out of Benghazi, Tax Fraud, the Obamacare debacle and website that doesn’t work. Our Supreme Court nullified their own reason for existing when they did the unthinkable and legislated a tax on all of us without representation, which they’re not allowed to do, and that’s why the country is broker a word? But I digress, we’re more broke than Greece is and the FED is printing money so we can keep the illusion of solvency while our priorities, those our nation was founded upon, seem to have been swept under the rug as surely as those missing IRS emails have, I say missing ‘cause nothing sent that way is ever gone for good, and just like that soldier who died in the VA cafeteria had a heart attack and died while everyone hoped the ambulance that would transport him the 500 feet would come, didn’t and no one thought about going against protocol to get him on a gurney and hotfoot it to ER, our vets aren’t allowed to visit the Washington D.C. Memorial erected to honor them, while other retired soldiers who’ve served our country valiantly have ended up on VA waiting lists and died before they were seen due to secret lists, which now are not so secret, I hate writing this because to do so means I believe it to be true, DEATH LISTS, while illegal immigrants are suing the government for their  inalienable rights, and the gov.; but not the gov. I knew is as busy taking our inalienable rights away from us as they are taking one meal a day from our military stationed in Afghanistan.

If the fact that this shell game of divisive evasiveness has been rigged to create a perfect storm to bring down America and its people to its knees is too hard for you to swallow, then let’s revisit Danny Kaye in this laugh-riot movie where nothing was what it seemed. Just like Kaye was snapped in and snapped out, and we heard him say, when he seemed lucid, “Get it? Got it! Good!” the America we’re becoming isn’t going to laugh when we hear, “Get it? Got it! Good!” But those who’ve manipulated us into this fix will be laughing their heads off, so much so that ‘we’, that’s you and me, commit to work to restore what we had, ‘we’ can do it, if we begin right now! What can we do? I bet you’re thinking. I suggest that We the American People hold those who are snapping our country in and out accountable…you know, ask the hard questions and demand truthful answers. Otherwise, the fix is in! Recently, I’ve noticed and maybe you have too, that when anyone tries to do this we’re suddenly told, ‘We can’t do that!’ Why? Because these government officials and employees, that’s right, the very people who work for us, take the fifth or are given a time out with all expenses paid by US!

Needless to say, none of the antics we’re falling for are as side-splittingly funny as Kaye’s were, but I digress! So now that we’ve messed around with our country let’s talk about what we are and aren’t doing in someone else’s backyard…but before we begin, I must whisper the secret word… “OIL”!

Now back to Israel and the kids. You know, Ishmael and Isaac. They were the sons of Father Abraham. And my, oh my… how the older one has carried on, even to this day because he didn’t get what he wanted! Oh-wee! How kids do carry on when they don’t get their way! Or to paraphrase that last sentence using parent speak, “It would be very odd if the siblings were not fighting over something or other.”

However, odd as it may seem, this kind of behavior happened in my family and I bet it did in yours, because whenever we don’t get what we want, as in the good stuff, in this case, the land, err…oil for, goodness sake, envy raises its ugly head! Know what I mean? It’s like getting Raggedy Andy when you wanted Raggedy Ann. Now Andy might have more to offer, after all he’s a guy, and we all know guys can… Oh well, in today’s modern world where we’re brainwashed into believing that they’re no better than the other sex… you know the one that outlives them, you may not know what I’m talking about. So let me ‘splain. It’s still a truism, though no one’s telling but me, that after everything Woman’s Lib has said, men still rock, when it comes to earning power, in fact to any power period! Think I’m wrong? Ask The Donald, as in Trump! Which, if you think about it is what Ivana got in the end! Trumped!

So getting back to Ish, it’s easy to understand how the Ishmaelites forgot about The Full Blessing! But, duh… if they wanted the best, why settle for the land, umm…oil, when The Blessing, God’s Blessing, which He gave to Father Abraham and his seed forever, is like having your birthday cake, eating the whole thing with a gallon of ice cream and a cherry on top, and not getting the heeby-jeebies? Still don’t get it? Alright gals, let’s say you ate it all, got on the scale the next day, weighed in at the perfect weight, looked in the mirror and saw yourself the way you always wanted to be! Good? Absolutely! And guys, you made the team and played with Broadway Joe, or you scored in whatever you did! Wonderful! Right? Of course, right! Well then, what about THE BLESSING!!

To find out about that, let’s go back a few centuries and see what happened to a country that opposed and oppressed Israel, and left it ruined. They camped out there for a long time. But finally, they gave up and went back to Rome. And you should have seen the way the Romans left the place once they realized they could not conquer the people God promised to bless! They burned everything, including the temple, but that wasn’t enough, no sir! They salted the land and made it uninhabitable! Then, they gave up! Oops, sorry, I left out something...After years of taxing the pants off the people, they plundered the land, even stooping so low as to pick, or using prybars, to chisel out the gold bits that had melted after they’d destroyed and burnt the temple. If you don’t believe me, go to Israel and buy some ‘Israeli Roman Glass’, which is vastly different from the ‘Roman Glass’ being made today because this glass was not made by an artisan but created by God to fulfill what Jesus said in Luke 21: 5-6, “Some of his disciples were remarking about how the temple was adorned with beautiful stones and with gifts dedicated to God. And Jesus said, As for what you see here, the time will come when not one stone will be left on another; every one of them will be thrown down.”

Wonder where you can buy some of this unique Roman Glass? Only In Israel! It’s sold in the most expensive stores, jewelry stories…like ka-Ching, ka-Ching, a la Daddy Warbucks’ kachinging ability!

So back to answer the why’s as in, why did they do that? Well, anytime a society annihilates, or tries to annihilate another one, everyone wants a souvenir. Right? Nah! The Romans had no way of knowing, because they didn’t listen to Jesus, but what they did was to be used by God to fulfill biblical prophecy. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself! But back to Israeli Roman Glass, the stuff is a fortune! It’s expensive because it rare, like the freedoms we have here in the Good Old US of A! So people prize it, like we should our liberty!

But I pontificate! Let’s get back to the Romans. I hope you’re still tracking with me because this part’s a hoot! What happened next, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The mighty Roman Empire with all its Caesars caved and left. Eventually they caved in to the very faith that was proclaimed by ‘The Servant King’, who was himself a Jew! Know why I know? The Vatican! That’s right…the Vatican, ‘cause last time I looked it up, it was in Rome! And whether you believe the Catholic faith is ‘The Faith’, or they own up to the fact that they were founded because ‘The Jewish Messiah’ filled in the dots between rabbinical opinion, God’s Word, and His will, we’ll never know!

Oh! Gee, the boat people… I almost forgot, both during, but mostly after WWII, Jewish refugees were getting on boats sailing to the Promised Land. Where you might ask, was that land? I’ll tell you, it was anywhere they had family, or friends who would vouch for them. However, many had no one to do that. But, faith and fear mingled together and caused them to sell the little they had to get onto what became known as the ‘Death Boats’. No matter where they went, they were turned away. Except for the rare occasions where a country showed mercy, such as Haiti. By now, lots of press releases were making people nervous. So when the vote was called in The United Nations, we Yanks did the right thing and voted for the partition of Israel, which meant that the Jews had to have control of the old portion of Jerusalem by a certain date and time or the small portion of the land that they could have wouldn’t be theirs. If you’re wondering why I’m bring this up it’s because many think the UN gave the Jews a Jewish Homeland. But the reality is that the Jews had to fight for that land, just like we have to fight for ours now! Thinking about the way we helped those Jews, all I can say is, “Yeah! USA! You rock!” Looking at what’s been happening here, I look forward to saying that about those of us who are willing to go the distance to restore the USA and make it a beacon for the nations as it was just a few years ago!

But back to history…or when it comes to the Land, i.e. Israel, I like to call history, ‘His’, as in ‘God’s Story’ i.e. ‘HisStory’. Though there have always been Jews in the Land, here’s where it gets dicey. Years before, some Jewish people had come back to the land through the Zionist Movement, and learned how to reclaim it. They called the safe areas they created and lived in ‘kibbutzim’, which is a meshuganah word for communal living. That’s where the Holocaust survivors wanted to live, if they were allowed into Israel. Think it was easy to get in? Hardly! The land, which at that time was purposefully called ‘Palestine’, by the English as an affront to the Jewish People, was in the hands of the English ‘cause a piece of paper called The British Mandate written by The League of Nations led them to believe that they had a right to govern and dictate everything about The Land, including who inhabited it. And since ‘The League’ had concocted another piece of nasty business that created an autonomous Transjordan, the English got cozy with the Arab leaders. By the way, this is what those in government do to ensure that they can function where they are sent. I’m telling you that so you’ll know that I know that we do this too and it usually works…unless you’re in Benghazi, that is...but let’s save that for another day, shall we?
Now you might be wondering why the above is important. And I’ll tell you. These two documents made it impossible for the Jews to return to their homeland! If they wanted to join a kibbutz, they had to sneak into their own country without being killed. Sad to say, most of them ended up in detention camps on Cyprus. Some died before they got to Cyprus and may more died while they were interned there.

But, I digress. Over time, the Jewish refugees did what everyone and every nation believed was impossible, and the land bloomed. Israel, the Land of Messiah, became a reality proclaiming that God is indeed alive and will fulfill His promises. 
Boy, did older brother get mad! He got so mad he threatened the little guy like ‘The Neighborhood Bully’, Bob Dylan sang about. But no matter how big a fit he threw, God wouldn’t let older brother win because He, God Almighty, had promised things to The Chosen Seed of Abraham, which was Isaac, and his progeny forever,  ad infinitum, which just a fancy-shamancy way of saying, to infinity and beyond!

You’re probably bored by now, so let’s connect the dots, while I show you ‘The Purple Pitch’ in all of this. Today in this country and around the world there are churches that sound a lot like Ishmael, who has a bad case of the ‘I wants’, making all his words sound real Purple! They say that the promises God made to the Jewish people have been given to them, because those Jews failed to believe in Messiah when He came, which is pure hooey ‘cause all those guys who we call apostles, in fact all who originally believed in Christ, were Jewish! Realizing the truth of this statement makes the words ‘Replacement Theology’ an affront to the very God who called and continues to use the Jewish people to show the world that He does and is what the Bible says He is! For anyone or any group who’ve studied the biblical accounts of all the Jewish people have gone through, I suggest they rethink their idea of replacing the Jews unless they want to experience all the hardships that have befallen them.

Besides the very idea that God would appoint a people then cast them aside, would mean that this God is double-minded, and our God the great ‘I am” is anything but! If you hear anyone spouting Replacement Theology, I suggest you hurry away because last time I looked God doesn’t, hasn’t, and therefore, never will go back on His Word! In other words, anyone claiming to have replaced The Jewish People is spouting Purple Hooey!

If God were done with His People, He would have allowed them to be annihilated! That’s what almost happened under King Ahasuerus’s rule, which we read about in the book of Esther. It almost happened during the Spanish and Mexican Inquisition and Hitler, to name just two times when alienation seemed imminent, but God saved them! Why? ‘Cause He is not done with them! If you’d read the Messianic prophesies you’d know that! The only reason the Jews are still around, is to show the world that God exists, that He keeps His promises. Then of course there’s all that end time stuff when Jewish males will …but we’ll look at that at another time.

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