Monday, March 31, 2014

An Overcomers 5 Star Review of "How Did We Become Angry?"

Every so often I'm blessed to receive a review before the release of a book. Today, I was delighted to receive the review I posted here. Before you read it, I want you to know that I've known Allison, but, like so many survivors, I never really knew Allison until now, which is often the case with those who carry on no matter what went before. Being a member of the overcomers club of unsung heroes, I invite you to read and ponder what she wrote.
Author Allison Kohn's review says, “This book is something everyone needs. For those of you who have had a perfect life, it is important that you know some of what those of us whose lives have been affected by angry loved ones who like to put others down, or our own anger have gone through or are going through.

For others, like me, who have gone through the fire and come out stronger, there is always something new we can learn or learn over again.

I have come a long way, but I needed to hear. ‘To fear anger or its effects is tantamount to being stuck in the past,’ and ‘…and we can only be healed of issues we know we have, living a past that hurts so much we wouldn’t wish it on anyone, the only way to heal is through what happened.’

One day when I was sitting outside on the porch steps with a book in my hand a friend had given me, I was thinking I didn’t need it and was doing just fine; but I opened it and begin to read. I sat out there and read the whole thing and thanked God for sending it.

God gave me a verse to heal me and showed me how to apply everything I read in his word and every sermon to that verse for twenty years. Running The Race as a Winner is the result of that verse. God has given all of the women that see this is a blessed book to show you the way out of anger against yourself and others. You who are wise will get this book and never be sorry.”

"How Did We Become Angry? Lamb Ministries 7x7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse" will release on April 3rd at:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where did the title 'How Did We Become Angry?' come from?

Looking back on our history, we recognize the seedlings we were and from which we have sprung. Tender shoots, we emerged. What happened to some, sadly, some believe cannot be undone. Yet my life experiences and the work God gifted me attests to the fact that by going forward you will soon discover that you are not trapped. In Messiah (Christ) you can own your reality. Laying neither credit nor blame at another’s feet, I will show you how to reclaim your own personhood.

I have not condoned, nor do I condone blaming anyone as a means of sidestepping personal responsibility. However, because each of us bears within the inescapable imprint of the actions and reactions of those who raised us, taught us, loved or abused us, that is where we must begin.

Before we begin I think it best to tell you that the material I'm posting here is in my book which is: 


To God from whom all mercies flow
and to all the precious women who allowed me the privilege of really knowing them.

Should you choose to continue, I'm praying that the work you do will set you free as it did me!

How Did We Become Angry? Lamb Ministries 7x7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse will release on April 3rd at:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is 'The Kindness Principal' and why do LAMB Ladies need it?

Simply put, 'The Kindness Principal' found within the first LAMB Ministry Book was written because though we all rush through things, women who have suffered trauma and abuse are more likely to hurry through whatever they fear but believe they must do. Reversing this type of survival thinking may seem silly to some. However, those who chose to take the few words that appear in the book, which I've posted below, to heart, and apply them throughout their day can begin to experience what being set free from the tyranny of the 'must do' to the blessing of the 'thank you' we all hunger for feels like. 

Wonder if what I'm telling you is true? Put 'Kindness Principal' number one to the test by writing it out and posting it about as a reminder that:

Whether you know it or not,
You’ve done a lot of work today,
So stop, rest, and
Meet me here again tomorrow.

The above ‘Kindness Principle’ is one I hope you’ll always apply to your life.

And as you take this simple step remember, God won't give you more than you can handle, so if you're feeling stressed it's time to tell yourself it's okay to just reframe your day. 

How Did We Become Angry? Lamb Ministries 7x7
Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse
will release on April 3rd
To get your copy visit:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"How Did We Become Angry? Lamb Ministries 7x7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse, Book One" due to release on April 3rd!

If you find yourself having trouble with your unhealed past, if you are living a life of regret, if anger or lack of self esteem continue to make you feel less than, you are where I was, so I can assure you that you do not need to live your life this way, nor way it ever God's intention for you to feel the way you do.

Within this books short chapters titled:

How Did We Become Angry?                                                                                              
The Angry Letter                                                                                                                   
Angry and Writing                                                                                                                 
The 1st Step to Becoming                                                                                                       
The Founding of LAMB Ministries                                                                                       
The Forgiveness Letter                                                                                                          
But…What if, I Didn’t?                                                                                                        
Unfathomable Forgiveness                                                                                                    
Forgiveness Begins With You                                                                                               
Do you know God?                                                                                                               
Your New Beginning Begins with God and You!
You have arrived at The Good News!                                                                                   
Forgiving Yourself                                                                                                                 
Your Scripture Affirmations & Praying the Psalms                                                              
Begin at the Beginning                                                                                                          
Awareness Dawns                                                                                                                 
An Affirming Letter Tells it Best                                                                                          
Scripture is Always Personal                                                                                                 
To Claim Your Full Blessing Lay Hold of Your Unique Biblical Affirmations!                  
Personalizing Scripture                                                                                                          
How to Find Your Personal Scriptures                                                                                  
‘How did We Become Angry?’ versus ‘Why are WE Angry?’

You can find your own answers. 

Wonder if I'm right? Here's what those who read this book said:

“Paula is a dear friend. While talking with her, she encouraged me to move forward in my life. As I read ‘Why Did We Become Angry?’ I felt her heart-wrenching soul bleed for every woman out there who needs this information. Anyone who has felt pain or been hurt needs this ministry, which encourages all who suffer with anger in their heart.” —Rhonda Patton, who writes ‘Inspiring Kids to be Better’ is also the author of ‘5 Days Free of Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.’

“I have studied psychology as a minor to accompany my Elementary Education degree and I have read countless books, both Christian and secular dealing with recovery from childhood abuse, and Paula Rose Michelson has accomplished in one short book what all those other books could not. She has demonstrated how to utilize God's Holy Word, the Bible, to restore the lost innocence and forgive oneself. The anger that so many of us have walked around clutching to our chests like a badge can be gone forever and God’s peace can replace it. I truly appreciate the way the author has readers personalize the Scripture verses they say to affirm themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to abuse survivors as well as pastors, teachers, and counselors who are working with those who are recovering from past abuse. I look forward with great anticipation to the other books in her series.”--Rhonda Nash-Hall, book reviewer, retired school teacher, former pastor's wife, and survivor. 

“Author Paula Rose Michelson provides an anchor for many people who have trudged through the depths of human experiences. This anchor is rooted in the balm of God’s healing power found in God’s love letters to us…the Holy Scriptures. There is nothing more powerful than discovering the redemptive words from our Lord to help us find the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend this book as a source of encouragement for those who are seeking restoration and a resurrected life. This book is applicable time after time for guiding and helping us face the challenges of the past as well as the next day. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch…yard by. yard it’s very hard. Anger issues are never simple and easy to fix. But little by little, day by day, and with the helpful coaching found in Paula Michelson’s book ‘How Did We Become Angry?’ and with the work of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word, we can face this mountain.”  Senior Pastor Leland Lantz – Iowa ‘farm boy’ transplanted to Lutheran Church of the Cross, Laguna Woods, California

“In life we are given many opportunities to make a difference in others’ lives. Some talk about what should be done while others are out there doing it. Paula Rose Michelson is one of the doers. Here she tackles a subject that many struggle with. Anger plagues the soul, especially when one finds oneself on the short end of the stick. Many experience degrading and inhumane treatment by others and it’s just not right. The heart can become filled with anger and then the issue is how does one deal with it, especially while trying to have a relationship with God. You will find much helpful counsel within this short book that will enable you to get a handle on your anger issues. With God’s help, Godly counsel, and a determined heart, you can do it.” Pastor Jim Hughes is the author of ‘C’ Through Marriage.

“Author Paula Michelson is determined to leave an imprint on this chaotic world we call home and she is doing an admirable job of it. She is a devoted woman with vision who has touched many a life with each and every inspirational word that she pens. She is adept at listening to and sharing the inner voice that she so clearly hears. Author Paula Michelson speaks from the voice of experience and has every desire to reach out and minister to others so that they too may bask in the glory of the Messiah (Christ). She has said “yes” to her calling and eloquently shares her gift in both her fictional and non-fictional works. As she writes on forgiveness, she gently reminds us, “…following Messiah’s (Jesus) model we know that only through confession is redemption realized.” To be sure, Author Paula Michelson has a mission in life as both a Life Coach and a Devotional Author, and she gives all the glory to God.” Dolores Ayotte is the author of four Inspirational Books: ‘I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay’, ‘Growing Up & Liking It’, ‘Up The “Down” Ladder’, and ‘A Woman’s Voice’.

“Having spent the last twenty-three years studying to obtain the tools to aid individuals to deal with the crippling effect of self-condemnation, I wholeheartedly endorse Paula Rose Michelson’s ‘Book One: How Did We Become Angry?’ While earning a Master’s of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Counseling I was introduced to the idea that the purpose of Christian counseling was to aid individuals to get unstuck in their life. Paula put into simple words a process that can unstick those who are bogged down in the mire of their anger. On a personal note, I recommend this book to all those who trained themselves to hide their anger inside. From childhood I dealt with the effects of anger within. Although written and promoted to aid ladies to deal with anger, I found in Paula’s words a greater understanding of my own path to freedom in Christ.” — Rev Jimmy A. Garland: Pastor, Counselor, Author of ‘Ark of Rest’, and ‘Berserker Healed’.

“Once again Author Paula Rose Michelson has hit it out of the ballpark with her latest work, ‘Book One: How Did We Become Angry?’ She continues to make the world a much better place through her impeccable insight and effort, which I first experienced while reading Books One and Two of her amazing Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Saga.” – Dr. Glen Hepker is the author of ‘A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health’.

This book is due to release on April 3rd on Amazon. To know exactly when this Kindle will be available post a request. If you'd rather check my Amazon page, the link is:

About the Author

Paula Rose Michelson is the wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary, Ron Michelson. She founded LAMB Ministries in August of 1988 and continues to help women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer. The author of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing and The Naomi Chronicle Saga Books, Paula writes sweet Christian fiction with a Messianic twist and a hint of history. Both her work with women and the books Paula writes were gifted to her by God as she prayed about the needs of others. She believes you will understand yourself and her fictional heroine, Naomi, better once you have taken your nonfiction faith journey.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Filled with the Spirit by Allison Kohn

Ephesians 5:8, 17, 18

Filled with the Spirit,
I develop a deep acquaintance with Yeshua,
My God and my Savior,
Practically applying the truth.

Born in the flesh,
We grew without God.
Separated from Him in 
Our desire, action, intent, and purpose.

Born of the Spirit and adopted by God,
We are united with Yeshua (Jesus).
We grow closer to the aspiration, purpose, and objective of God,
As our own craving, accomplishment, determination, and drive are disciplined by the,
Ruach HaKodesh: the Holy Spirit of God. 

When the last trumpet sounds and this body of flesh joins the Spirit of life,
United in hope, deed, aim, and goal with the Spirit of our God salvation will be complete. Until that day compliance is the key word, for He says, "If you keep my commandments, you shall abide in my love...that you might be full."

We let the Ruach HaKodesh; the Holy Spirit control us,
So His fruit will germinate and become effective in our lives.
Then the body of Christ will, with one mouth,
And one mind exalt the God and Father of our Lord, Yeshua Ha Mashiach; Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Lord, You are very great. How precious are your thoughts to me. You understand my thoughts afar off. You comprehend my path and are antiquated with all my ways. Fill me with your Spirit, Lord. Control my actions and manifest Your gifts in me. Amen 

Image of Allison Kohn

Allison Kohn began writing stories for her singles group. She is now the author of the historic Baker Family Saga available on Kindle.  Having been through muddy waters and over steep  mountains herself, Allison knows and shows others the way in her books.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where the Spirit of the Lord is by Paula Rose Michelson

If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, follow me on Twitter, or are following this blog, you've probably read my last post aptly titled “What Happens when Things Don’t Work Out?” And like many you were probably able to relate to my situation. So today, I decided to post this “How to Evaluate Your Choices” list that’s been on my desk leaning against a lovely butterfly mug which I was gifted when I spoke on “The Butterfly Grove” to a MOPS group of Moms years ago.

I don’t remember where I got the list, but the pinholes in it attest to the fact that with every move, I have posted it where I could see it. Since my desk now abuts a picture window this ‘List’ is on my desk beckoning me to remember that no matter what happens I can chose to take control, fall apart, or trust God.

This list calls me back to the God that is higher than I am. My prayer for you, as you read it, is that you bow your heart as I do every time I read it too.

How to Evaluate Your Choice
1.      Identify your core values.
2.      Establish a single top priority.
3.      Make sure your values and priority create synergy.
4.      Do not make snap decisions
5.      Understand your opportunities costs.
6.      Assess which balls bounce and with ones break.
7.      Don’t confuse long-term strategies with short-term tactics.
8.      Review your progress in light of Scripture.
9.      Take a break, both mentally and physically from time to time.
10.  Welcome productive conflict, and its resolution by doing things Gods way.

Corinthians 3:17-18 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Happens When Things Don't Work by Paula Rose Michelson

For over two weeks I tried and with the help of a Customer Service tech from Facebook was finally able to convince Facebook that I was me. Prior to this being resolved, I was given what I assumed was the only option and being extremely distraught about not being able to link up with my daughter, my grandchildren, and my Facebook family of friends, I settled for starting over. But I soon discovered that beginning again with a new account meant I could not claim my daughter as mine, nor could she claim me as her mom!  

All of this began a week after my newest book aptly named Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles released. Happenstance…I think not! Horrid timing…the worst! Outlay of money not scheduled absolutely. Unable to stay in touch with those members of the Blessings group I had just founded except for those who I had contact info for…more than disheartening!

Then, suddenly God, who I knew had promised that He would work all things out for those who love Him and are called by His name…the very God who sent Yeshua (Jesus) His only son who’d lived a sinless life though tempted in every way as we were to the cross, the very God who through this act of loved saved me, gifted me a new sense of His shalom, His peace that is beyond understanding, calmed my heart and restored what was lost.

All was good for a few days then…while helping a friend set up the syndication of his blog on NetworkedBlogs, which is a Facebook app, I found that this system no longer recognized me! More wasted hours with the tech. More being told it was the website and I need e to check back later…more…more…more of the same stuff I had dealt with just a few days ago.

The tech said he’d keep trying to get inside the system and I should do the same. But just like before, I knew and told him the issue was that they system no longer recognized me as the author of my blog.

What did I do you might wonder. I did what I did when Facebook said I wasn't me. However, this time I could post a few lines and see what other bloggers had to say.  And you know what…none of them are having these problems!

So what does this author of faith stories do when I’m told that what I know isn't so? I go to the source that is higher than I am. I go to the great I AM, the God of all He created for only He can set me free from feeling beset. Instead of frustration His given me joy, instead of aggravation peace, instead of making me feel small and frightened about these unimportant things, He’s spread out His wings and cover my head with oil, my cup runith over!