Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Happens When Things Don't Work by Paula Rose Michelson

For over two weeks I tried and with the help of a Customer Service tech from Facebook was finally able to convince Facebook that I was me. Prior to this being resolved, I was given what I assumed was the only option and being extremely distraught about not being able to link up with my daughter, my grandchildren, and my Facebook family of friends, I settled for starting over. But I soon discovered that beginning again with a new account meant I could not claim my daughter as mine, nor could she claim me as her mom!  

All of this began a week after my newest book aptly named Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles released. Happenstance…I think not! Horrid timing…the worst! Outlay of money not scheduled absolutely. Unable to stay in touch with those members of the Blessings group I had just founded except for those who I had contact info for…more than disheartening!

Then, suddenly God, who I knew had promised that He would work all things out for those who love Him and are called by His name…the very God who sent Yeshua (Jesus) His only son who’d lived a sinless life though tempted in every way as we were to the cross, the very God who through this act of loved saved me, gifted me a new sense of His shalom, His peace that is beyond understanding, calmed my heart and restored what was lost.

All was good for a few days then…while helping a friend set up the syndication of his blog on NetworkedBlogs, which is a Facebook app, I found that this system no longer recognized me! More wasted hours with the tech. More being told it was the website and I need e to check back later…more…more…more of the same stuff I had dealt with just a few days ago.

The tech said he’d keep trying to get inside the system and I should do the same. But just like before, I knew and told him the issue was that they system no longer recognized me as the author of my blog.

What did I do you might wonder. I did what I did when Facebook said I wasn't me. However, this time I could post a few lines and see what other bloggers had to say.  And you know what…none of them are having these problems!

So what does this author of faith stories do when I’m told that what I know isn't so? I go to the source that is higher than I am. I go to the great I AM, the God of all He created for only He can set me free from feeling beset. Instead of frustration His given me joy, instead of aggravation peace, instead of making me feel small and frightened about these unimportant things, He’s spread out His wings and cover my head with oil, my cup runith over! 


  1. Facebook called me a robot once. But the author of our faith calls us by name. Nice post.

  2. Shelia,

    Yes, we've put our faith in God who created us and calls us by name!

    Your comment about FB calling you a robot is interesting, especially in light of the tech showing me an article at: where it says that 9% of members of FB are fake. The great news for you is that though FB thought you weren't real, they didn't (thank God) boot you off the system as they did me!

    The good news we're both knwo and love God we're still on FB and can continue to connect there.