Monday, February 24, 2014

An Unexpected Hero Comes Along by Paula Rose Michelson

Every so often a girl needs a hero. If that girl's older and married, she hopes it'll be her husband. If her husband has acted heroically on her behalf before it may never cross her mind that another hero, one who is unexpectedly so, might be the very one God would select. I say because like Henry Fleming in the classic novel "Red Badge of Courage", which was required reading when I was in school, a hero becomes one when facing an obstacle they believe they must overcome. Whether individuals chose to tackle the issue they are facing or let the situation negate them, the outcome alters them. For this self-defining choice either makes or breaks the person, and having chosen, the individual is changed forever. 

Change happens to all of us as we move through the stages of life. Few have thrust upon them the dire consequences that alter their life causing others to laud them as a hero. Fewer still receive the recognition due them. Like the very act that forged them, hero's seldom mention what they have done. If someone points them out, salutes them, names a building after them, or commissions a statue to be made of them most of those so honored would be hard pressed to deal with what they believe is undo attention being thrust upon, attention that illuminates what they would believe is the insignificant thing they had done. 

Our nation needs a hero now! Our country and all it has stood for since it was founded on July 4, 1776 is perishing because heroic deeds are minimize, are not recognized and therefore seem to be in short supply. Sad isn't it that the nation...the ONLY nation that cared enough to make a difference, that fought to keep the worlds people safe is fast become a very unsafe place.  Sadder still is the reality that everywhere we turn the voices of reasonable dissension, which used to lead to debate, are being silenced. Warning! If this is happening here, and it is: please know that this is happening everywhere. 

The big sell out is on and our once grand America, the country patriots died for so that we could be free, is become anything but! 

Into this morass of 'I don't love the USA' into this moment in time where many, afraid to take a stand are rolling over and playing dead, I found a hero. And like all the other hero's before him, John Hale known as author Hamburger Fry to his readers, doesn't see himself as a hero. Too hear him tell it, he thought he'd caused the problem and wanted to fix it...that's exactly why He is a hero! John, unlike our elected officials who are worried about getting reelected, unlike our president who says he wasn't good at math but clobbered together 'The Affordable Care Act', which is anything but, and is now spending millions...I mean billions of our dollars to sell us something the website isn't set up for us to buy...John like all hero's saw something he thought needed to be taken care of, and he did just that!

Governor Mike Huckabee, if you'd like to interview a real hero please contact me, and I'll put you in touch with Hamburger Fry as his readers call this real red, white, and blue, American guy, whom I've never meet face to face, but know heart to heart! 

For America's unsung heroes, I've posted the song Hero, which was written for, and I first heard while watching the movie "Hero" starring Dustin Hoffman. Enjoy!

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