Sunday, February 16, 2014

Amazon Top Ranked Reviewer and Author, Christoph Fisher's 5 Star Review of Beginning Anew

Author, Christoph Fisher's 5 star review says, “Beginning Anew starts with the two lovers marrying (again) and embarking on a life together in trust. Both need to learn to open up and much of the story is about their inner worries and fears as they plan to live together away from the house for immigrants and move into their own home. Interspersed are historical segments about the poor treatment of Jews in Spain and stories about a woman who was running the house for immigrants some 70 years ago.

Naomi and Chaz are great characters, full of depth and thought; they have wonderful and helpful friends, not least amongst them a Catholic Priest who supports them regardless of their faith being different to his. As a true Christian, he has nothing but love and tolerance for others. This comes particularly timely as Naomi’s existence as Jew (even in 1967) exposes her to some hostility. 

The book also speaks of God’s gift to his children, Jesus the Messiah, and his expected return to earth. This religious theme is handled particularly well since the author portrays it with love and enthusiasm but without a hint of persuasion or teaching. All she does is paint a vision of a time (when this Messiah comes) when religious differences will no longer matter, which in my view is a world we should all aspire to. And until that time comes her characters swear to do as much of this work for tolerance as they can.

There are also some very interesting segments about Columbus and his first settlements on the new continent and much historical detail. Once again Michelson has written a great account of history and a pledge for tolerance. The story will continue in another book, which I look forward to reading”. 

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