Monday, January 28, 2013

Called to Write, by Paula Rose

Though I love to read what authors have said about the writing process, writing verses, poems, prose, sentence, paragraphs, pages upon pages because you’re called to write…Having such a passion to pursue the craft that, you’ll miss a meal, lose tract of time, and eventually hear the characters speaking to you is nothing less than an overarching imperative. Although you haven't told anyone, you know if you've denied this call upon your heart, because the ever expanding world you inhabited was diminished. If you’ve nodded as you read the above, then, you my friend, write to live!

Although living to write sounds lofty, we tend to equate what we do to the positive comments made by friends, critique groups, readers, reviewers, and a royalty check. Though each of these matter, when beginning to write, I believe it best for you to act like the scribe who wrote: Psalm 45: 1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer, and admit, at lest to yourself, as he did that this gift must be expressedOnce you’ve chosen to view your work this way, you’ll find yourself reticent to let others read what you've written and voice their unsolicited opinion. That’s a necessary—no critical—step in the right direction. For creativity is stifled by comments, though well intended or not, until we've gotten our proverbial writing legs under us with each project that's completed successfully. And, dear writing friend, always remember that your success is measured by you first; then, when you're ready others.

Since my desire is to share what others who've written about writing don’t, within this blog, you’ll read about the What and Wen's of Writing, as well as the Do’s and Dont's, with I hope to share info on What you Don’t and Do Need as well as my To Do List. And throughout this read, I'll strive to impart information on techniques I’ve acquired and used so successfully that some readers tell me, "I couldn’t put the book down!" and others rave, “This book reads like a movie!” At the end of your journey you’ll be equipped to answer those intrusive questions, which seem to be asked by people who love but don’t understand you. These demanding questions asked by the very friends and associates you might have thought would encourage you can dog your heels. Furthermore, when coupled with questions asked by some who don’t know you but wish to sound wise we writers often find ourselves believing that we're not quite ready to send our manuscript to publishers. Hopefully within this blog you'll read words that make you think about your own journey, and having thought about your process by the time your're ready to move from writer to author, you’ll have tapped into Messiah's Divine Guidance, and be able to smile with relief. And “Yes!” for those who want to read about my journey, I’ll share my story so you’ll know that all the ups and downs you’re either going through or might at some point encounter, I’ve dealt with too and unlike those authors’ who write and published one book, I’m in it for the long haul and would love too, have you join me in a place some call “Never, Never Land,” but, I call “Happily Ever After Land!”

Since this is a blog about writing I'll post short stories, both mine, and the one's you've submitted.  

In closing, I need to mention that everything posted on this blog is either G or PG, so if you have an adolescent who’s writing or interested in the craft, please ask them to drop by.