Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Everything is Everything!

When I tell people that ‘Everything is Everything’ and draw a round circle like my proof, a psychiatrist, who headed the Chemical Dependency Unit at the hospital where those classes where held, they look at me as oddly as I probably did him back in the  day.

Yet it’s true! Everything you’ve ever experienced; meaning the good, the bad, and the in-between have helped to shape you. Eliminate one of the most seemingly unimportant life lessons and you’d be a different you. And though this may fly in the face of, 'I’d have been better off without that’ thinking; the you, you became occurred because of how those experiences impacted you.

Life isn’t about always getting it right!
Life is about what you do when faced with a challenge!
If you always got everything right, there’d be no difficulty to overcome!

In case no one told you; when you overcome things you learn lessons you’ll use every time you have to overcome something.

Show me a person who never overcome something, and I know that persons either kidding themselves or doesn't want to deal with … I wrote HOW DID WE BECOME ANGRY? to help people become. If you’re searching for the real you, or need to forgive yourself, please…

About 'How Did We Become Angry?'
Teaching the reader biblically relevant concepts, Paula Rose Michelson shows us how to choose the right Scriptures to heal our personal wounds. She sets up a system of praying our personal Scriptures in a prescribed manner and time to purge out the dross, believing that each reader who does the work can overcome what was before and grab hold of God’s blessings in Messiah. In this first book of her seven Christian lay-counseling Lamb Ministries 7x7, Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse, the author walks us though a portion of her own healing journey, which the Lord orchestrated. Then she tells us how those experiences helped women in need as she worked with her LAMB Ladies.

For information on author, Paula Rose Michelson visit:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NO OTHER CHOICE Back Matter Revamped

Before an author’s first book is published, the author is asked to write a tease publishers call “Back Matter” or a “Blurb”. When asked to do this, I found the task daunting. Though I had a grabber, I chose to send something less. When asked for the wording of the trailer, I sent what should have been the Back Matter. Now aware that the 'blurb' is critical because a good one can cause a browser to choose my book, today I updated the Back Matter for NO OTHER CHOICE so that it reflects the reality of Naomi's experience. 

For the curious and authors in the process of writing the Back Matter for their book, I’ve posted both Back Matter options. And yes, I am aware that some knowing this is a faith story might find the change unnecessary or unusual. Yet, in doing this I keep faith with my heroine, and the Lord who charged us to go unto all the world...what I can tell you that this as well as all my other books are cringe free, and I would have gladly shared any one of them with my teenaged daughters. 

New Back Matter
No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One

Fleeing Spain to live her faith in public can Naomi overcome or will she always be…

An Illegal Immigrant ~
Bound by Secrets ~
Trapped by Choices ~

This is Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress. Trapped in a life where all who know her think her a saint, saddled with a mission and responsibility many would shirk from placed upon her shoulders, Naomi agrees to marry to sidestep more issues and discovers…

Old Back Matter
No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One

Naomi will be sent back! She left her family and all she held dear, traveled half way around the word while accompanying a blind, old grandmother because they promised to help her enter America and find her uncle. Instead they handed her over to immigration. What she does now, she because there is no other choice!

This is Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress. Trapped in a life where all who know her think her a saint, saddled with a mission and responsibility many would shirk from placed upon her shoulders, Naomi agrees to marry because that seems to be the easiest way to sidestep more issues and then discovers…

As timely as the immigration debate of today is, author, William Struse’s endorsement says, “Duty, sacrifice, and faith are carried in the arms of love by a courageous young woman, who rises above her own flaws to help others.”

Friday, February 20, 2015

'Sephardic Voices': The Hidden History Behind 'The Naomi Chronicles'

To write The Naomi Chronicles Saga researching what befell the Spanish Jews prior to and during the Spanish and Mexican Inquisitions was necessary. Though living in our time, what befell Naomi's people (the Sephardim) impacted her life and caused her to believe that she had 'No Other Choice'. If you love hidden history, I know you'll enjoy the three Sephardic interviews posted today for each women's journey of discovering that they were not who they thought they were  is a unique read. When you realize this generation lack of knowledge began with the need to hide because The Decree of Alhambra was enforced by death until it was nullified on March 31, 1992, I think your heart will resonate with the telling. 

Corrine’s Voice
I was born in 1929 and raised in downtown Los Angeles. My religious training was in the Catholic Church, as all in our family had done for years. In 1984, my son David, who had research our history, told me that we are Jewish. I paid no attention to him. In 1974, I found myself drawn to Jewish things. When my grandmother died, my mother showed me her baptismal certificate. I noticed that her godmother’s last name was Gold. I asked my mother about that, as Gold is a very unusual last name for a Spanish person to have because godparents are usually family members. She told me that her cousin had told her when she was a child that they were Jews but not to tell anyone. It was then I remembered my grandfather singing in a strange language out by the chicken coops, and my mother saying, “He sings like a cantor!”

The realization that we were not what we seemed or were taught to be gave me a hunger to know more. Since then I have invested my time and energy to learn all I can about my Jewish roots. That investigation has made me aware of the charges the Inquisitor made against my family, revealed the possibility that they may have come over with Columbus, and the knowledge that they settled in what is now the southwestern United States. Today, through much work on behalf of my family, I have acquired the documents to prove what I am saying. Were it not for the Decree of Alhambra and the Spanish Inquisition, we would still be in Spain, but due to that decree and its effects upon my family and the Jews still hiding, I am willing to state that what man meant for evil, God used for good! For in Messiah Yeshua, I have found my Jewish Messiah and have been able to own who I am as both a Jew and a believer in my Kinsman Redeemer. —At seventy-four, Corrine Ehrick began to worship as a Sephardic Messianic believer.

Betty’s Voice
When I was in my early twenties, my parents took me on a trip to visit relatives in Saltillo, Mexico, where my grandfather Miguel Narro was born and raised. They were rich and very Catholic. They had disowned my grandfather when he accepted Yeshua as his Savior and became a Protestant pastor. Many years later, my great-aunt Rosario (Rosary) confided to my mother that there had been two rabbis in the Narro family. After that, my mother wore a Star of David that she had bought. She told my son John David that we were Jewish. My grandfather refused to eat pork, but we never knew why. No one ever talked about our Jewish heritage. However, now I know that some believed we were Jewish and other family members denied it. My father, David Alcala, most likely had Jewish ancestry also since Alcala is a Sephardic Jewish name. My great-grandfather, Ambrosio Alcala, was born in Alcala de Henares, a city in Spain that had an imposing Jewish presence and two synagogues. —Elizabeth Alcala-Narro Bennett is a Sephardic Jew whose children bring the gospel to those in Spain. She worships at a Messianic congregation.

Janice’s Voice

There was a stirring in my heart to follow my mother’s influence and learn about the Jewish people. I remember my fourth grade class in parochial school, where Sister Demetrius instilled within us the fact that the Jews did not kill Christ, but it was our sins that put him on the cross. Between my schooling and Mom’s love for the Jewish heritage, there was birthed within me tenderness toward the Jewish people. As I reached what some would call middle age, this stirring intensified until I needed to know more. For years, I told people that I was Basque. However, I never went to the town whose name I bore. Then I met a woman whose son was a missionary in Spain. I asked him if he could take me to Ulibarri and he agreed. In 2008, I made the trip to Spain. We traveled throughout the Navarra region until I finally stepped onto the soil that had been home to my family centuries before. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a strong Jewish presence in that region. Could my mother have been trying to tell me something all those years ago? I will never know for sure. However, my journey of the heart allowed me to look at my heritage and history with new eyes. When I returned home, I told my children, “We have a Jewish heritage.” They rolled their eyes. Months later, my son called and said, “I was waiting for the metro and was approached by a scholarly man who looked at my badge, which identifies me by my last name. He read ‘Mireles’ and asked me if I knew about my name and my heritage. I was able to give him the information you had shared with us. I was stunned when he gave me additional information, which proved to me that what you had said was correct! I called you, and I told my brothers and sisters that what you had said was true.” —Janice Mireles-Ulibarri has been involved in Messianic Worship since 1999. She served as a volunteer in the Israeli army in 1999.

Author, Paula Rose Michelson

Saturday, February 14, 2015

1/2 OFF this 5 Star Romance! “...insight, passion & faith.” - Lindsay Townsend, Romance Author

“The characters in this story are all well-rounded and finely shaded. The author writes in smooth, compelling prose and has penned a complex story of faith, love and redemption. 

The sights, sounds textures and culture of the time are cleverly brought to life and the choices of each character are vividly shown. 

The strengths of family are revealed but so too is the ugly prejudice that often blighted the lives of people who were perceived as being in any way 'different' from the American dream, either in race or faith...

On a more intimate level, Naomi has to learn how to love and take time for herself. Her new husband Chaz works hard to show her his love in return. But theirs is a marriage built on a lie and once that lie is exposed by a spiteful third person, will their relationship survive?

An arresting novel with many surprises. I learned much from it.”

About Paula Rose Michelson

Monday, February 9, 2015

Christoph Fischer's 5 Star Review say, "A Beautiful Read!"

Half off for Valentines Month so YOU can Gift LOVE!

Author, Paula Rose Michelson's "No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles" is a deeply moving and very well written inspirational fiction with a wonderful strong heroine. 

Naomi, kind and helpful, is stranded and then rescued from Ellis Island by an elderly woman named Tia. Naomi works at Tia's house until she takes over the house herself. 

Michelson has created a beautiful character in Naomi who you cannot help to care for. Hiding her Jewish faith makes Naomi's life just as difficult as the immigration laws... even when she finds love, but Naomi's life is even more complicated than that. 

With much authentic detail and intriguing characters this is a wonderful book, touching, moving and positive in spirit. It also has a wonderful message about faith, religion, discrimination, and keeping secrets….A beautiful read.

To further your enjoyment do read the ‘Historical Notes’ and ‘Sephardic Voices’ at the back of the book, which cover the history and issues for Jewish people in Spain, and gives great insight into Naomi's background and reasoning.

Monday, February 2, 2015

For VALENTINES gifting LOVE Stories~ 1/2 Price Till March

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What words fail to covey this trio of books about a star-crossed couple who marry without sharing their secrets, flee once they are known, and reaffirm their vows again at their friend's wedding not knowing that they both believe as they do.

Yes! Whether you are dating, engaged, or married these books were written for you. Instead of wondering what would suit gift love titled 'No Other Choice', Choosing to Be,  'Beginning Anew ' and as this star-crossed couple comes together again you can again experience the wonder of love anew between the one you gifted these books to and you.

No Other Choice 
No one knew her, for she had entered the country illegally. When the servitude she endured to be here was about to end she found she could not leave. Years later, married to a man she was forbidden to love, she fell in love with him. Promising to tell him all, the devil was in the details, or perhaps I should say when secrets are revealed love isn't she sees no other choice but to do what she must.

Choosing to Be
Becoming new was important for each of them. However, their quest did not make their secrets disappear but made them realize that they were missing the most important person in their life. Each aware that they may be rejected will they give up everything if need be to be with the person they love? 

Beginning Anew
So in love are they that, while at a friend wedding, they said I do again! Will they be overcome by the hurt that drove them apart before? Or, will they experience the love that dreams are made of? 

All of Paula Rose Michelson's e-books are half price at: