Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Everything is Everything!

When I tell people that ‘Everything is Everything’ and draw a round circle like my proof, a psychiatrist, who headed the Chemical Dependency Unit at the hospital where those classes where held, they look at me as oddly as I probably did him back in the  day.

Yet it’s true! Everything you’ve ever experienced; meaning the good, the bad, and the in-between have helped to shape you. Eliminate one of the most seemingly unimportant life lessons and you’d be a different you. And though this may fly in the face of, 'I’d have been better off without that’ thinking; the you, you became occurred because of how those experiences impacted you.

Life isn’t about always getting it right!
Life is about what you do when faced with a challenge!
If you always got everything right, there’d be no difficulty to overcome!

In case no one told you; when you overcome things you learn lessons you’ll use every time you have to overcome something.

Show me a person who never overcome something, and I know that persons either kidding themselves or doesn't want to deal with … I wrote HOW DID WE BECOME ANGRY? to help people become. If you’re searching for the real you, or need to forgive yourself, please…

About 'How Did We Become Angry?'
Teaching the reader biblically relevant concepts, Paula Rose Michelson shows us how to choose the right Scriptures to heal our personal wounds. She sets up a system of praying our personal Scriptures in a prescribed manner and time to purge out the dross, believing that each reader who does the work can overcome what was before and grab hold of God’s blessings in Messiah. In this first book of her seven Christian lay-counseling Lamb Ministries 7x7, Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse, the author walks us though a portion of her own healing journey, which the Lord orchestrated. Then she tells us how those experiences helped women in need as she worked with her LAMB Ladies.

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