Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Loving Memory of Ruth Sawin, I share 'The Widows Mite' today 4 this is her story!

Having known Ruth for several years, I was aware that she was unique. Not because of her small stature and twinkling eyes. Not because in an age when children of different faiths were taught to stay with their own, her dearest girl friends were Jewish and Catholic, though she was Lutheran. I believe the reason they all got along so famously was because they saw, as Ruth did, the good in people.

All that said this senior citizen is not only a widow who lost the love of her life, she was also one of those tireless saints who has a small place but discovered it was large enough to house her daughter and granddaughters when the need arose. She always had a kind word for everyone and her family prays together as they serve the Lord. So it wasn’t much of a stretch for her and her family to help me in my endeavors since mine are very much like theirs.

With Ruth's passing, I wanted to once again share this story which happened several years ago, before I became a published author. I needed funds (as missionaries often do) and was invited to speak at a weekly luncheon at the church where my hubby Ron is now a pastor. The hope was that in pre-selling some books, I’d have what was needed. And although I did accomplish that goal, I experienced a 'Widows Mite' moment that will forever be in my heart.

The Widows Mite
Having lost a large portion of income when her husband died, Ruth was always happy to open her home to all in nee. In her desire to help me in Messiah's work had already prepaid for a book. When I was scheduled to speak at her church, she made sure to be there. As I tried to talk above the clatter, she smiled and nodded her approval. At one point I stopped because the din was more than I could handle. So, rising from her chair she shushed them. And because all knew her, and were aware of all she had done and continued to do silence greeted me. They were suddenly very polite. And yes many bought a book!

But it was this precious widow, who having waited until all were gone, asked me to open my palm, placed a check in my hand, smiled, and turned away.

Opening it as she had told me to do, I exclaimed, “You can’t afford to do this!’

She patted my hand and shared, “This is for those who do not yet know the LORD.” I tried to reason with her, but she said, “To know God is and be feed by his Word is everything. Use this to buy books to gift to those who have not yet heard.”  That said, she turned and walked away. As I watched, her go I remembered she’d said when she bought one book for her family that one was enough all of them because they loved to share.

Today, let us celebrate as she did the Lord of us all, Yeshua (Jesus) who helps each one of us see that we are richer in him than we could ever be.

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