Thursday, March 12, 2015

I’m a 5 Star FAN of Felicia Mires’ “Diamonds are for Eden!” You’ll Enjoy This Book 2!

As those of you who follow this blog know, I love finding new authors who write books I wish I had. Felicia Mires’ novel ‘Diamonds are for Eden: Natasha Kelly, Mossad Spy’ captivated me! You’ll know only a smidgen of all I admired about this Christian novelist from my review, to find out more and experience an amazing ride, I suggest you read…
“Terrorism, spies, and faith aren’t the usual bill of fare for a book about a young woman who in the beginning seems to be a ‘sort of chick flick’ kind of gal. Then again maybe her changing her looks is about... And that’s just the beginning of discovering who Natasha Kelly is and why that famous movie star hunk with his raised eyebrow seems to have his eye on her. A fast paced story of faith, and the promise of love set against a backdrop where being found isn’t an option, readers will find this a book to be a MUST read NOW e-ticket ride.

Artfully weaving snippets of the history of ‘Eretz Yisrael’ The Land of Israel, I found this story somewhat reminiscent of works by James Michener, and Leon Uris.

Yes, author, Felicia Mires’ took me on an unexpected ride! If you, like me, look forward to the return of Yeshua HaMashiach – Jesus our Messiah to the land of his birth, and love Gods Word, I know you will feel the same way once you’ve gobbled up “Diamonds are for Eden."

Felicia Mires

Felicia Mires began her writing career years ago when she became bored with what she found available in the Christian Fiction market. Hoping to entertain herself and provide inspiration to other Christians, she wrote her first novel, Diamonds are for Eden. Since that time, she has written more than 20 Christian novels (all with a bit of romance), even becoming a finalist in the ACFW competition. Along the way, she has judged multiple writing contests, edited scores of books for other writers, and discovered a wealth of fascinating Christian fiction.

But, God did not create man, or woman, for books alone. Thankfully, there is relationship. Felicia has been married for over 25 years to Gene Mires, from whom she gains a plethora of hilarious and creative ideas. Felicia and Gene have three incredible children and three dogs who think they're children. Ahh, the drama...and unending plot ideas.

Life is full of relationship. If you need a bit of inspiration or encouragement, try Christian Fiction by Felicia Mires.

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