Friday, March 6, 2015

Soon to Release my Gusty ‘The Time Between' is NOT Christian Fiction!

There is a second before you take your first breath, and a second before you breathe your last.  Between those inescapable seconds, we live, love, laugh, and cry. When all is said and done, the breather of those two breaths knows there will never be a time when one can reimagine, or redo, because having breathed your last, you’re through. Then it’s up to those who knew you to determine if you were faithful, if you were kind, if you were true. But, what about those who have not yet passed, but know their days are numbered. What about those who judge, thereby causing pain to those who have not reached their eternal slumber. Perhaps the Beatles were wiser than we knew when they sang, ‘Let it Be.’

Yet within my psych there was a wish to be a blessing, a confidant, a mother to those who needed for I grew up knowing The Time Between, while I was young and heard songs that others had not sung. This is my story.

A therapist who does not know.
A secretary who holds the key to why her boss’s life was a misery.
When all is said and done, the sleeper must awaken or be forever trapped.

Why this Book Now?
Many months ago, I wrote the Back Matter posted above. Having no interest at that time in this work, I set it aside. However, as I struggled to keep my focus while finalizing the manuscript of the fourth book of the Naomi Chronicles titled, ‘Commitment for Two’, I realized God had different ideas. Though this first book isn't Christian the two other books in 'The Crucible of Becoming', series are.

Usually it takes an author many months to finalize a work. However, as I started to write this short novella, I discovered that God had written this story on my heart.

When a friend who knew about my LAMB Ministry work with women suffering from trauma and abuse, asked if this book was a composite of or written about a particular woman I told her that though women speak of their issues, I am not trained, nor do I probe into their issues. This story is n FICTION. 

If anyone reading this or any of my other books would like to develop the biblical habits that God lead me to develop and I teach email Those wishing to be notified when 'The Time Between' releases please email me so I can put you on that contact list.


  1. Maybe not openly Christian but if you're the author it is fulfilling your purpose in

  2. Susie,

    I love your heart dear friend.

    God is showing me that just because as few believers want everything we do to be sanitized, those who understand our different calling and gift support this book as Christian know my heart.

    Also, I realized that those who didn't think this Christian are called to write for a different audience. God affirmed this realization when Pastor Jimmy A. Garland sent me his review of THE TIME BETWEEN, which is posted above this blog entry.