Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is 'The Kindness Principal' and why do LAMB Ladies need it?

Simply put, 'The Kindness Principal' found within the first LAMB Ministry Book was written because though we all rush through things, women who have suffered trauma and abuse are more likely to hurry through whatever they fear but believe they must do. Reversing this type of survival thinking may seem silly to some. However, those who chose to take the few words that appear in the book, which I've posted below, to heart, and apply them throughout their day can begin to experience what being set free from the tyranny of the 'must do' to the blessing of the 'thank you' we all hunger for feels like. 

Wonder if what I'm telling you is true? Put 'Kindness Principal' number one to the test by writing it out and posting it about as a reminder that:

Whether you know it or not,
You’ve done a lot of work today,
So stop, rest, and
Meet me here again tomorrow.

The above ‘Kindness Principle’ is one I hope you’ll always apply to your life.

And as you take this simple step remember, God won't give you more than you can handle, so if you're feeling stressed it's time to tell yourself it's okay to just reframe your day. 

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