Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pastors Praise! by Paula Rose Michelson

Having grown up Jewish, I longed for but seldom received praise. At forty I became a believer in Messiah and soon discovered that in Him my longing vanished! Twenty-five years later, I still look heavenward whenever someone ascribes to me what belongs to God. It is only because of the work God gifted to me and Naomi deciding to tell me her story that my desire to serve Messiah as a writer happened. If I had not heard Naomi's story from her, I could never have written anything that mattered for the Kingdom!

The journey that began in March of 2007 has been wonderful, difficult, and all consuming. I have given up a job, some security, and lost some friends. I become somewhat isolated, hurt when Naomi did, and all of this I would gladly do again. I say that because the journey crystallized for me what matters and what does not.

Today I am sharing two reviews written by two Pastors. Before reading them, I must tell you that being married to Pastor, Missionary Ron Michelson who also writes his weekly Messianic Bible studies and is currently writing both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, it is rare for a Pastor to be able to carve time out of their overflowing schedules to read or review.

Pastor Jimmy's 5 Star Review posted on Amazon today says, "I found Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Book 1 a rich and enticing story. I have enjoyed reading most of my life and it has been very rare that I was taken into a story so completely as I was with this one. They say what makes a story worth reading is the personal crisis. In Casa de Naomi, I found myself identifying with the main character early on. Not that I was raised in a Jewish family or faced the extreme persecution they face but as a human, who does not feel that they must hide some part of who they really are? This is a work of amazing insight that can bless anyone who ever felt out of place in their life. Thanks for a marvelous book of Blessings."

Pastor Jim Hughes in his 5 Star Review wrote, "Casa de Naomi : The House of Blessing, Book 2 by Paula Rose Michelson is an enduring and captivating story of redemption as told thorough the eyes of Chaz and Naomi who we meet in volume one. You will discover an insightful look at the agony of being someone you are not in order to survive in a hostile world that is antagonistic towards you. How could two people, Jewish by birth, hidden within the Catholic Church unbeknownst to each other, run from each other, rediscover themselves and become the couple they both want to be? Can they do it? Can their marriage be saved? Will it survive their betrayal? You will have to read Casa de Naomi, Book 2 to find out.

Paula masterfully shows how God pursues those who try to leave Him out of their lives. You will perhaps discover some things about your own journey with God that you have tried to bury or ignore. I am pleased to recommend both volumes of  "Casa de Naomi" to you.

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