Sunday, August 18, 2013

A 5* Riveting Read by Ey Wade - Reviewed by Paula Rose Michelson

So real and riveting it could be the headline of tomorrow's paper if you enjoy drama The perfect Solution - A Suspense Choice by Ey Wade is the book for you! If you like to read about devotion, commitment and love...If you wan to read something that's crafted so deftly one would think it was written for the screen this is the book! There's never a let up in the tension as scene by scene our anxiety builds while we see how individual choices unfold leading us into a deranged woman's plan to take a preschooler from his daycare center and all that unfolds during the ordeal to get him back to his mommy as little Brhin-Krisoffer keeps pleading for his captor to do.

Using every parents worst nightmare and the trauma of one adult who is now traumatizing an innocent victim to show us what can happen and teach us who to prepare our youngsters to overcome the worst that can happen, the author shows us that even love once denied can be reignited through confronting what happened and then putting someone else's need above an old pain.

 As an author, I am often asked what I'm reading for it is widely known that we wordsmiths continue to hone our craft by reading work that entertains, captivates, has clearly defined characters, and enlarges our abilities. Ey Wade's 5 star book has done that for me and more!

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