Wednesday, April 15, 2015

'NEVER AGAIN'! Yom HaShoah: The Holocaust & a New HOLOCAUST of SOULS

Today as we Jews prepare to mourn the millions of Jews who died during the Holocaust, I look back to my childhood and realize how different I was from the kids I went to school with.  I write this aware that many will not believe or understand what it’s like to grow up in a free land where many still had secret hiding places least a holocaust would happen here in our wonderful America. For those of you who think this author has made this up at the end there’s a link to a YouTube video. 

So to continue, I grew up bopping between my grandparents who lived next door to me, and my home and no place else. For the fear that what happened during the holocaust could happen where we lived hung in the air. At 68, I finally admitted to myself that the reason my mom would only let me go to a friend’s house if they lived where she could see me walk back and forth, and that I had to call before I left so she’d hurry to see me walk home was a result of housing the many Jewish holocaust survivors Grandpa and Grandma didn’t have room for when America finally let them in. 

I say ‘FINALY’ because like most countries, America didn’t want the refuges. And like most countries initially America wasn’t interested in helping Israel become a nation again. However, a few good people, like Mick Marcus, who knew and had worked with high ranking officers in the military, and others who knew and implored our President changed the course of history. 

Today the history of the Middle East is beginning to mirror Hitler’s Third Reich. Again throughout a land where Jews and those who believe in the Jewish Messiah live another Holocaust happening. Just like the last time within each country that could help there is terrorism, internal unrest, sharply divided loyalties, devaluation of currency, and an attitude of appeasement at any cost coupled by leadership that is inept at its best or dictatorial at its worst. 

Once again the blood of the innocent is shed to protect the guilty or to drive home the opinion of those who praise America while cutting deals so the ruthless will know when and how to move us into a position of powerlessness. 

Today as our defecto President continues to tell us that we are 'war weary' the forces of evil are battling within our country while those countries that wish to overthrow this noble nation of individualists bide their time until given the all clear signal. For those rankled by the use of the term ‘defacto’, I need you to know that when a free society chooses to become less free by insisting, legislating, and mandating that the government can determine that those who have too much MUST give some of what they earn to those who have less, and that it’s the governments job to figure out how to make this work we no longer live in a democracy…thus our President is as defacto as is the Queen of England is unless that President is pulling the strings! 

So today, beginning at sunset Jews around the world will mourn and say, “Never Again!” As they do, I pray that all of us will commit to becoming what we once were instead of what some politician tells us we are. For it is in the becoming that we realize our potential to do whatever it takes to not settle for a counterfeit reality like the one I lived so long ago believing I was safe while my mom watched to make sure I was. 

Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2015 starts at sunset tonight, Wednesday, April 15 and ends at sunset on Thursday, April 16.

What we are experiencing and what I've written about It may seem like a bad dream. However, today the holocaust of Christians and Jews in the middle East is happening. If we do not stop them, they will come here! 

If you who doubt the reality of the Holocaust or think I made to much of it, here's the link to YouTube video:

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