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2 Many Automated Posts on Facebook & Twitter & You May Be...

Every day we get to choose. What we choose defines us and at times negatively impacts us! The Good News is that we can always make a  different choice thus sidestepping what might have...

This week a friend contacted me because, like my experience of a few years ago when I posted too many of my reviews for my author friends books one after another, Facebook had kicked this person off. Using an automated posting system, my friend had been posting simultaneously on as many as 70 groups! And seeing the potential benefit, my friend offered to help others!

WARNING! Though I knew both Facebook and Twitter monitored our posting activity, I had begun a love affair with Hootsuite. This automated posting was a much appreciated and unexpected blessing to me when my shoulder injury made it hard for me to post as I always had. Though I loved posting to each of my hand picked groups, I began to rely on that system. Soon I'd added what seemed to be a million more Facebook author, book, e-reader, and other groups knowing I could automate posts into the future and they’d be done! Like Mickey Mouse in Disney’s classic movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I was hooked!

Sure I missed the thrill a friend or someone I didn’t know giving my post a high-five! I’d enjoyed letting them know that they mattered to me. But since I wasn’t supposed to be online, I deluded myself into believing that this technology was ‘the bomb’ until… Having automated my posts for early morning, and feeling somewhat better, I searched Facebook and much to my horror discovered my posts had NO picture of the book I’d posted about. Furthermore, the beginning of the back matter that always appeared when I’d done these posts myself was missing.

Upset! Sure I WAS UPSET! So thinking I could fix the issue, I edited the post. However, I knew Facebook was on to me when nothing changed. Deleting that post, I reposted certain that MY post would appear as it always had but it didn’t.

Choosing one of my regular groups where I hadn’t sent an automated post, I posted and found that post to be like the automated ones. Deciding to post on my personal page Facebook asked me to prove that I was a person! Posting on my author page, I finally was able to have the post look as it always had before I…

Concerned, I wrote and posted this italicized post on the three Facebook groups I founded. WARNING! A Facebook friend isn't on FB anymore because like, me once upon a time, my friend posted too many posts for or about others at the same time or back to back. If you're using Hootsuite or any other kind of posting system DON'T post info to a lot of groups at the same time. I LOOK FORWARD 2 SEEING YOU HERE 4EVER!

The response I got was so overwhelming not only about Facebook doing this but also about Twitter doing this, that I decided - shoulder pain or NOT – to write this blog as a reminder that ALL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES WERE CREATED SO WE COULD CONNECT WITH OTHERS! The fact that these sites make money from the statistics our interaction creates allows them to employ those who keep these site working! The fact that others make money while on these sites means that they are being watched as my friend found out when a friend of his was kicked off within minutes of his account being suspended.

I’m now a repentant and reformed Hootsuite and Facebook member, which is very good! I say VERY GOOD as far as Hootsuite is concerned because I no longer have to pay to use what is free when it’s used as intended. I say VERY GOOD as far as Facebook is concerned because having deleted all those groups where I knew no one and they didn’t know me, I am again involved with and posting to the groups I love! I have time to interact with those I missed while thinking technology was the ‘new bomb’, when all along God was trying to remind me that nothing made by man could replace my human need to connect with others who care and share the same values, likes and dislikes that I do.

As the wife of Lutheran Pastor, Chosen People Ministries field Missionary, Ron Michelson, and one called by God to write for him, I hope that in sharing my experience you'll know that all of us can be so easily fooled into thinking that what's new trumps what's been forever true. My takeaway from this experience is best summed up in the words of the prophet Jeremiah who shared God's heart for us in chapter 29 verse 11 which says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Paula Rose Michelson is the author of Romantic Inspirational Fiction, a thriller, biblically based Christian Self-help, Political Nonfiction as well as Works Written to Encourage. Her books are available on Amazon at: 

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