Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two Books in the Top 100, Then...Oh my thank you, God!

“So yes Virginia there really is a Santa Clause,” the editor of The New York Sun answered young Virginia O'Hanlon who lived at 115 West Ninety Fifth Street, New York City, as he assured her that her friends were wrong and she was absolutely right!

 And today after once again getting upset with myself for telling a very talented published author friend that no one would know about his work if he didn’t get involved, I found what I said affirmed by no less than Amazon itself!

Having published the first book of The Naomi Chronicles: ‘No Other Choice’ on the 6th of October, late this afternoon I was amazed to see that it was ranked 47th on Kindle in Women’s Fiction, Christian Literature.

However since ranks fluctuate based on sales by the time I had posted, tweeted and told my husband about this mazing turn of events, the book was no longer in the top 100.

 Aware that I had experienced this a few weeks before when “How Did We Become Angry? LAMB Ministries Biblical Recovery for Women' was ranked 79th, I took it all in stride, until thinking to just see if ‘No Other Choice’ had once more made the cut, I looked at ‘How Did We Become Angry?’ and discovered that it was once again in the top 100 for Kindle’s in the category of abuse.

So all I can surmise is that God was showing me that my comments about unknown authors needing to connect with those in Social Networking so they could help each other was well-founded. And all I can say in response to this is, “Yes, Paula there is a God and his son, the Messiah (Christ) is the reason for this and every other season!”

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