Monday, November 17, 2014

“A literary gem! Divinely inspired!” Raved T. Lindsay in her 5 Star Review

This was by far the most personal review I’ve ever gotten and having written a column for a local paper when I was 14, I can attest that never was I so touched, for the author started in a chatty way that from this lovely review a unique affirming friendship grew!

‘Paula Rose, I hope you go by both of your names, it just sounds right! Listen, I'm only on page 32, but I had to stop and tell you, the tender love that you have captured unfolding has brought tears to my eyes! I already find myself wanting to reach out and hold that love, so nothing harms or hurts it!

Writers can put a lot of words on a page, and call it finished, but true writers take those words and weave them in love and mystery, wring them out with pain and anguish, and pet and soothe them softly like a newborn babe, THAT is the kind of writer you are! You layer emotions like a fruit torte, they are delicious, but so beautiful it's a shame to cut them, but you do so knowing it will taste divine!

Not knowing the full story of how your characters met, and got to where they are now, intrigues me! You penned that little bit here, little more disclosure there, perfectly!”

My thanks to you too, for telling me that the characters were real enough to matter to you in such a profound way…I think this is every authors dream and few of us know when what we wish has happened!

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