Monday, November 24, 2014

How Did We Become Angry 1/2 OFF Biblical help 4 YOU!

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Shelia Deeth’s amazing review says, “Anger as an emotion is neither good nor bad” says the author of How Did We Become Angry, but what we do with it can deprive us of power and freedom, health and hope. Seeds sown in childhood pain can keep us living in the past, instead of drawing strength to grow to the future. This short book offers a Biblical approach to that growth, with practical suggestions and a personal guide.

The author brings life experience, her training as a Life Coach, and her faith to this book. In so doing, she offers an answer to many people’s prayers. But the true answers are in God, as is clear from the rest of this book's name, Lamb Ministries—Life Affirming Messages from the Bible.
Interspersing teaching with personal experience, adding short words of encouragement and kindness ('stop, rest... you might need a break'), and carefully working wisdom into simple exercises, the author shows readers how, guided by God, we can silence that “Committee in your head” which so eagerly "warns" us before we feel threatened, leaving us endlessly angry and short-changed.

'Forgiveness is a personal self-defining choice,' the author says. But she’s writing first of forgiving ourselves, not others. A clear call to faith answers that question of how the unforgiven can forgive. The Bible underpins the whole of this book, not just in well-chosen verses to carry a message, but also with lessons on how to read and pray, how to hear God’s voice through His word, and how to respond. 'God is as close as the verses before you are,' and He’s waiting to heal. We are not slow, not worthless, not weak, and every word that condemns us has its scripture to raise us up. The fallen world may have made us angry and buried us. But now it’s time to be “become” something more, to grow, and to be. The author has learned and taught this lesson well, and this book offers powerful encouragement through faith, not in ourselves, but in the Messiah Christ."

Teaching the reader biblically relevant concepts, Paula Rose Michelson shows us how to choose the right Scriptures to heal our personal wounds. She sets up a system of praying our personal Scriptures in a prescribed manner and time to purge out the dross, believing that each reader who does the work can overcome what was before and grab hold of God’s blessings in Messiah. In this first book of her seven Christian lay-counseling Lamb Ministries 7x7, Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse, the author walks us though a portion of her own healing journey, which the Lord orchestrated. Then she tells us how those experiences helped women in need as she worked with her LAMB Ladies.

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