Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"A Sweet Christian Romance at its Finest," said John Hale (Hamburger Fry) in his 5 Star Review!

'This is such an intriguing story! I couldn't help but want to find out what was going to happen next with Naomi, Chaz, and the others. There's so much I want to say about this story now that I have read the first book. In all honesty, I think everyone should read this story.

‘No Other Choice’ by, Paula Rose Michelson, is a touching story of faith, honor and love. Naomi, and the people that are part of her life, bring a sense of familiarity to the story. I also enjoy the interactions among the other characters.

This is not only a great story, but an ingenious lesson about life and how we can all be a blessing to one another! Naomi has a heart of gold but she carries such a heavy burden. Furthermore, what is the price of Naomi attaining her heart's desire? All the while, certain people plot against her. Can faith and love see her through the trials life has thrown at her?

This is a well written story that will have you cheering for, Naomi, and hopefully leave you with the understanding of, "Everyone deserves to feel valued."

In writing, ‘No Other Choice’, Paula Rose Michelson has created a masterpiece that is like the most resplendent flower fully blossomed.' http://amzn.to/1tN7hEp

From the Author
Since John ended his amazing review by lauding it as a masterpiece, I wanted to share that I believe within each of us there are unexplored  caverns of greatness we can only see when we step around or walk through our perceived issues. I believe this for when I asked God to give me something to do for him never in my  wildest  imaginings would I have thought that this profoundly this dyslectic writer would become an author.  

For though I loved to write and have been a dabbler for years aware that I  neither  spelled nor punctuated well, when friends who listened to my stories or heard me talk and declared that I would be an author, I sidestepped that issue. Little did I know then that, and I do believe this to be true, that God gifted me this issue so I could be used of him and not go out on my own as a writer seeking fortune and fame. So when someone lauds you or something you do where you feel ill equipped, look up, wink at God and pray, "In you time, I will do what you ask." And then enjoy the moment! 

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