Saturday, November 15, 2014

Barbara Shelton’s 5 Star Rave for ‘Choosing to Be’

"Full of shame, pain and deeply confused, Naomi fled. Now huddled underneath blankets in the backseat of her friend Alex's car not wanting to be seen by those who shunned her at what should have been a surprise celebration for her, her lifelong secret revealed, she …

As Alex sped her away from the Barrio, she showed no curiosity of where he was taking her. He explained he was taking her to a safe place at Wawayanda State Park in New Jersey, part of the Appalachian Trail. 

From here on Naomi was in strange territory with people like none she had never known. Her closest new friend was Ruth - can it be God's own humor that He would put another Ruth and Naomi together? Will you see the parallels in their lives? Will Naomi believe the truth that Ruth and even Marvin; a little child will tell her when she meets him on the Blessings Rock?

Now wealthy Chaz has left New York in his private jet to Texas where his parents tell him some bitter truthful secrets about his own heritage that agonize him further about Naomi's betrayal and adds deeper confusion to Chaz's self-image. 

Sent to Mexico to talk with his Uncle Hilario, Chaz hears what he never thought to. This gentle man who could hold a dove in his hand and stroke her underbelly so she would coo at him; and feed a morsel to a rabbit at the same time in his garden, this keeper of many truths and surprises, whom Chaz hold in reverence, is about to send Chaz on the journey of a lifetime where he will… 

This metamorphosis is a fabulous brilliant piece on our author's part. What an imagination God has given Paula Rose Michelson, strengthening her story which carries such burdens as this star-crossed couple have until it become joy in the Lord.

What will happen to Chaz during his desert experience? What will happen to Naomi in her mountain top experience? Will their paths cross again during their journey to truth? They both seek love, not realizing they are searching for more than one love. Are they both headed for redemption and salvation in the one true redeemer? Did Paula Rose Michelson have a purpose for writing these two incredible stories about Naomi and Chaz? My answer is definitely yes.

What will your answer be?                     

                        About Author, Paula Rose Michelson
By way of introduction, as a Messianic Jew who wanted to write about life, love, and forgiveness, I researched what befell the Jews baptized into the Catholic faith to survive the Inquisition. I began writing and Naomi started talking to me. 

Though her story is unique, Naomi's issues of fear and hiding are universal. And having an extensive background in recovery, both as a Lifestyle Disorder Councilor, as well working with The Rubicon Center, I know that the issues one first sees in Naomi's character, are very much like the issues seen in anyone who is masking their real pain. That is why six inspirational romances were written, three of which have been published.

In 1988, I founded LAMB Ministries, and continue to mentor women like Naomi the way God mentored me. I published the first Christian Self-Help book stemming from this work, meant to help those suffering from trauma and abuse.

Having an issue ladened life until Christ freed me, I continue to write both books and articles to encourage and show God's mercy, love and forgiveness. 

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