Monday, November 3, 2014

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle & This Election

For generations the old adage, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Authored by poet William Ross Wallace and published in 1865 as, "What Rules the World" this poem seemed to define the state of motherhood as to be most sought after. 

For many generations the influence of mothers upon their children was preeminent, surpassing in some cases all other opinions. And many today might marvel that a mother could have such influence. And speaking of today, we are on the eve of what may, in retrospect, be looked upon as a watershed moment. Much like the moments that made up the Women's Lib reality we now live in, libbers continue to insist that they have been unfaired upon though women have and now hold high offices', so I find myself wondering if those who continue to focus on the top rung of the Women's Lib 'cause' need/want to live in an issue based existence to exist much like the fabled Don Quixote did.  

I ask this question now because we, I believe, are at a tipping point. And no matter what we do or whom we elect what seems perfectly clear to me, and hopeful to some of you, is that having allowed ourselves to become an issue driven society that tries to solves societal ills through legislation, we have already lost THE AMERICAN DREAM. 

I say this because our Founding Fathers fought against the very ternaries voters now elect officials to implement. Thus we have Obamacare which cares for no one the way we were told it would, costs more not less and is lauded by those who want each of us to agree to become part of the whole that conforms!

Tomorrow, if these elections aren't rigged, may be our last chance to regain control of our free society so VOTE your heart, not your pocketbook, VOTE your values not job security, VOTE your faith in CHRIST and breathe a sigh of relief knowing he will not let you down when you stand up for him!

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