Thursday, November 20, 2014

CHOOSE Amazon’s Top 100 or Book Sales

For many the joy of being an author begins when they hold their first published book. At least that’s the way it was in the 20th Century!

21st Century authors, if published in E-book format only must be satisfied with seeing their words on a screen of some sort…whether Kindle, Nook, a Tablet, or a computer, there can be a feeling of letdown. So what’s an aspiring ‘wordsmith’ to do once they’ve made the leap into the publishing milieu?

While some published in digital format maybe happy to let things progress as they would, those Indie Authors, like me, were gifted through Amazon, Smashwords, and I assume other online E-book publishers the ability to see what was happening as far as their book sales were concerned.

It began simply enough this desire of mine to see what was going on…then seeing sales, I…well to state it plainly I wanted to learn what was necessary so others knew of my book(s). And this, I am certain, is what the online publishers intended.

Having been published, terminated my contract, and self-published, I was eager to dive in, and dive in I did. Along the way I discovered that I don’t know much and felt blessed when other Indie Authors befriended me and shared what they had learned.

So I’m writing this blog to pass along what I know as well as the reality that being in the Top 100 Book Category on Amazon or any other booksellers doesn’t mean anything if your books isn’t … I’m sure you can fill in the dots!

If you, like me, need help selecting the right meta-data words for your book. On Amazon you can find the key words that shoppers are entering in their search for book they want at:

Then again there are those times when Amazon’s words don’t apply, so let’s do what the bookstores do and use those words that ‘The Book Industry Study Group’ has accumulated and use the tag words libraries do, which you’ll find here:

Though both sites have what you’ll need neither of them is easy to work with. Furthermore, though the words you use may be best, that does not insure sales. Therefore, I suggest you look upon this as an experiment.

I say this because having finally gotten (I thought) all of my ducks in a row, I changed ‘No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One’ categories from Fiction, Christian, Romance since Naomi isn't a believer yet to the category of inspirational spirituality. Overnight the book was listed in the top 100 sellers in ‘Kindle > Religion > Spiritual Inspiration > Women’s Inspirational > Family > Fiction’ and the book didn’t sell! NOT AT ALL!

Where before, I had seen sales growing, now there were none! The good news for this Indie Author is that I could try again. So if you’re and Indie Author whose work isn’t selling, you can do the one thing an author with a contract cannot do and that is reboot by choosing different categories, or…

Do as I did and put your book back in the category you choose before, which is where I believe God wanted it to be. And if you’re as blessed as I fell now, you’ll know the journey was worthwhile for your book will be selling again.

I think it oddly affirming that my life work, both with founding LAMB Ministries and all this ongoing Christian Lay-Counseling Recovery Program for Women Suffering from Trauma and Abuse entails, and as an author who writes about ‘CHOICES’, how they affect us and what happens when we do or don’t take control, for here again I’ve written about that.

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