Friday, October 31, 2014

My Take on Amazon’s #AmazonCart News!

I must begin by thanking Amazon for waiting until I enrolled my e-books in their KindleUnlimited Lending Library before they let us know that when we authors tweeted our books with their unique code the re-tweeter could place a downloadable sample of that book in their Amazon Cart!

For those who aren’t as dialectically challenged as I am it might have sounded like a big wow! For me it was a how do I do that? So today, I’m singing the praises of my gifted author and fellow tweeter friend, Susan Ricci, whose tweet about the AmazonCart showed me what to do.

So today, I’m going to break down the elements so that anyone…even someone like me can see that this is doable!

So to begin with:
   1.      Choose a small tweet for your book. Mine is a snippet of a book reviewers quote: "Deception, mistrust, love, betrayal, a must read romance

2. Add three dots so it looks like this: "Deception, mistrust, love, betrayal, a must read romance...

3. Now skip a space and add: Reply w/ /#AmazonCart, and if you remembered to skip a space between Reply and w and between backslashes, your tweet looks like this: "Deception, mistrust, love, betrayal, a must read romance... Reply w/ /#AmazonCart

4. The next step was/is easy even for me to add: for a free sample

5. Here's where it got dicey, so take heed for we are about to enter backslash and Kindles AISL Land because what follows looks take a look and tell me if this makes any sense to you: /dp/B00JDVR57/ ...via@Amazon

6.  The alphabet soup with numbers intertwined that comes after /dp/ is your unique Kindle AISN that's on you Download Shelf, so copy and enlarge that info so you can see if some of the 0's are 0 and other are O so...

7. Now putting this all together may be fun/or NOT if you're me, but the proof as they say is in the pudding, it's time to make sure what you've done works. Copy and paste your unique AmazonCart url link into Twitter and if you've done it right #AmazonCart and your unique ASIN/ plus @Amazon will turn the color you've chosen for your twitter page. 

8. If the text is still black try, try again!

If you’re wondering why I’m making such a BIG deal about this today, it’s because sales are needed if you’re an author who wishes to…and this new tool is very helpful!


  1. Oh, thank goodness! I thought it would be complicated.

    1. Mark,

      Being profoundly dyslectic, I though had to break this down and that wouldn't have been easy.

      I was thankful that my dear author friend, Susan Ricci tweet helped me, so I can now help you!