Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Author's Choice

When at last one decides to do this Indie Style, a whole slew of possibilities open up. And if you’ve gone from being published to doing that your – with a little help from your friends –self, you can enjoy the ride or feel stressed!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one choice is better than the other because each choice has subcategories of choices. However, you slice or dice the situation up, there are many areas where a choice can make you feel like you’re blank if you do and blankly, blank, blank if you don’t.

This ying-yang reality of the ‘which way do I go?’ can be very stressful unless, you like me, are fortunate enough to know others who’ve tread where you think you’d like to go, and so in this post where I share about my e-books now being available on KindleUnlimited, I need to begin by thanking my author friends Katie Mettner and JC Peterson who helped me overcome so I could finally announce that as of now the books listed below are in Amazon’s KindleUnlimited Lending Library, so please enjoy!

"Deception, mistrust, love, betrayal, a must read inspirational romance!"
 "This inspirational romance draws exquisite parallels from the book of Ruth!"  
 'The Fairness Fallacy' is in 'The Purple Pitch Seduction of America: Inalienable Rights'

'The Kindness Principal' is in 'How Did We Become Angry? LAMB Ministries 7X7 Biblical Recovery for Women" 

Learning issues? In this biographical short I share mine and how God used me in spite of them, so that I can now declare that I am an overcome and inspire you how to do that too! 


  1. So glad you took the step into KU. I know you just opened up your books to so many more readers!

  2. SOOOOOoooo blessed to have you holding my hand, and long distance at that! Hugs coming your way for being you and always being there for me!