Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Need for Self-Forgiveness Means “How Did We Become Angry?” is for Men To!

Having sent my Christian self-help book How Did We Become Angry? Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse to three pastors (all men) for endorsement, which each was happy to do, and having heard from several men who read the book and found it helpful, I thought it wise to share that as a Christian lay-councilor who was trained in the medical model and interned at Woodview-Calabasas Hospital Dually Diagnosed Unite, I learned that due to transference, and later to be aligned with Scripture it was biblically appropriate and clinically best to work with women so there would be no misunderstanding of my role, or the persons goal, which in both models is health, or as I like to put it, to overcome.

Therefore, all other LAMB Ministries material either in book or another form will be directed toward women who need this ministry. However, I am very aware that men need to do the same work. I am also, sadly aware that the ‘touchy feely’ side of men is not ministered to in the way this book and the others do. Because of this, today I’m posting Rev Jimmy A. Garland review so that you will know that this slim volume is one that can…but I’ll let Jimmy tell you in his own words.

Jimmy A Garland“Having spent the last twenty-three years studying to obtain the tools needed to aid individuals to deal with the crippling effect of self-condemnation, I wholeheartedly endorse Paula Rose Michelson’s ‘Book One: How Did We Become Angry?’ While earning a Masters of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Counseling I was introduced to the idea that the purpose of Christian counseling was to aid individuals to get unstuck in their life. Paula put into simple words a process that can unstick those who are bogged down in the mire of their anger. On a personal note, I recommend this book to all those who trained themselves to hide their anger inside. From childhood I dealt with the effects of anger within. Although the book was written and promoted to aid ladies deal with anger, I found in Paula’s words a greater understanding of my own path to freedom in Christ.” — Rev Jimmy A. Garland: Pastor, Counselor, Author of ‘Ark of Rest’, and ‘Berserker Healed

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How Did We Become Angry? Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma and Abuse on Kindle

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