Thursday, May 1, 2014

Now $.99 cent! “How Did We Become Angry? Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma and Abuse” is available at:

Knowing that the abused women I worked with didn’t like charity because they feared there were strings attached, and being very aware that some, though not abused, who wanted the book wouldn’t or couldn’t spend much, I arranged an Amazon Count Down Event so that “How Did We Become Angry? Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma and Abuse” could be bought for a few days for $.99 cents. The one week countdown has begun, so please go over and download this book as soon as you are able.

On a personal note, though I know it is hard for those who are feeling needy to post, and some fear saying anything may place them in peril if you need prayer, or wish to connect with me, you can do so here, or leave a comment on Amazon. If you do, I promise I will respond to you dear heart.

If you feel wounded but think this isn't you, you may be in denial, so please listen to this trailer.

About Author, Paula Rose Michelson
Stemming from her LAMB Ministries - Christian lay-counseling work with women, Paula Rose Michelson released her first recovery book in March 31, 2014, which was lauded as an Amazon Best Seller and New Hot Book 8 days after its release and again on April 29th. Paula mentors women, speaks on this ministry, her writing and many other topics. 

As a Messianic Jew, the wife of Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary, and Lutheran Pastor, Ron Michelson, and one who writes to full the Great Commission, Paula has seen God change lives when people believe in and call upon Him. A mother of two married daughters, she is a grandmother of seven.
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