Thursday, May 1, 2014

Child Abuse Prevention Month Ends - The Issue Continues

In Governments and many in office believe that by proclaiming something should be prevented it will be. Sadly this, I believe is the case with the well-intended, Child Abuse Prevention Month, which ended yesterday. Over and over again ‘We The People’ fail when we try to legislate behavior, which for centuries was considered the norm.

More sadder still is the reality that what goes on behind closed doors is seldom spoken of due to the belief that it will only make matters worse. When we understand that the abuser was most likely abused and needing to make sense of the situation saw two choices: either bond with the abuser and survive, or bond with the abuse and die a little as the abuse escalated we realize that both are trapped and the cycle once set in motion feels like this:

1.      Things seem normal
2.      Stress occurs
3.      The abuser gets agitated
4.      The abused withdraws
5.      The abuser feels their needs are not getting meet
6.      The abused does something that triggers the abused
7.      The abuser tells the one they abused that what happened was their fault
8.      The abused  believes them
9.      The abused tries to be perfect so the abuser won’t hurt them again
10.  Tension builds
11.  Fearing the tension, the abused will often inadvertently do something to trigger the abuser

Much like the “Dance Macabre” in which horrid injury and death are depicted these people find themselves trapped. But unlike the dance I mentioned above, which has a beginning and an end, for many that are abused the abuse does not end until they die, and should the abuser loss their victim they will find another one.

I’m telling you about this, so you’ll know that abuse is not an individual but systemic issue. Once you change everything changes.

Unlike the centuries when children and women were thought of as chattel, and treated as slaves, today your can claim your right to be YOU. As you walk toward healing and ultimately begin to own yourself, I want you to know that you are a unique person. By the mere act of existing, you have been given the innate capacity to know and become. For you the first step in becoming is in owning what was, understanding that though you may have triggered events you’re not responsible for the abuse, and learning to say no. I wrote “NO” because the downtrodden become emotional and physical doormats for the world. Just the thought of saying “NO” may make you feel like you are going to die. But you won’t. In fact saying that one word will help the knot in your gut unwind.

If you're feeling as fearful as I was, take heart for in Mathew 28:20 Jesus says, "...I am with you always, to the very end of the agemeaning He is with those who have claimed Him until He comes again to be with us forever.

Your self talk does not need to continue your feelings of hating yourself as the trailer below says. You can move away from that pain and begin a new life, as you own your own person-hood today!  

How Did We Become Angry is available at:

About Author, Paula Rose Michelson
Stemming from her LAMB Ministries - Christian lay-counseling work with women, Paula Rose Michelson released her first recovery book in March 31, 2014, which was lauded as an Amazon Best Seller and New Hot Book 8 days after its release and again on April 29th. Paula mentors women, speaks on this ministry, her writing and many other topics. 

As a Messianic Jew, the wife of Chosen People Ministries Field Missionary, and Lutheran Pastor, Ron Michelson, and one who writes to full the Great Commission, Paula has seen God change lives when people believe in and call upon Him. A mother of two married daughters, she is a grandmother of seven.

Known as an author of sweet Christian romance with a Messianic twist and a hint of history., Paula Rose Michelson’s latest book, “Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One” is a continuation of Naomi’s faith journey which readers began by when they started, Books 1 & 2 of the “Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing" Saga.

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