Friday, May 2, 2014

LAMB Ladies Heal "In His (God's) Time"

I'd love to begin this post by telling you that the first LAMB Ministries book is now on sale for .99 cents, and that you can get your copy at: but that doesn't seem right. Then again, if you've been coming here to get a little of what I learned and now teach, it would seem odd if I didn't tell you, so please consider yourself told! Now on to today’s post titled:

LAMB Ladies Heal "In His (God's) Time"
When I think about all the wounded ones, I remember how I felt when I first heard and then learned to sing the song this post derived its title from. Though my mom told me that I couldn’t carry a tune and had no rhythm, and I’d believed her, hearing this song and knowing I was one voice in many praising our Lord gave me the courage I lacked to sing.

And an amazing thing happened, which I didn’t know about until worship ended, and I found myself surrounded by others telling me that I had a lovely voice. Imagine that, I thought, something about me is lovely.

And something, in fact many something’s about you is lovely too! I know that because God made everything and called it "good". Since He planned and thought about you since before the world was formed, He called YOU "good" too! I hope you spend today thinking about Gods affirmation, for no one knows and loves you as He does.  

If you need help, or someone you care about does please let them know that the first LAMB Ministry book, "How Did We Become Angry", which includes "The Kindness Principal" is on sale for .99 cents from now through next Thursday. And remember that what the world and some in it call horrid God calls blessed, so that’s what we are! 

Please enjoy this reminder of God's perfect timing:

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