Monday, April 28, 2014

Life is Defined by Choices, Make None and…

With the release of, “How Did We Become Angry? Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse”, which is a Christian self-help book, those who’ve read my sweet Christian romances with a Messianic twist and a hint of history asked me why I have written in two such dissimilar genres. Today, I’m posting the answer I’ve given them, which I tweeted this morning.

As the title of this blog says, I believe that life is defined by our choices. For me this means that the life I live, I try to live as Messiah (Christ) did in that I am what I say I am, and do what I say I’ll do.

For those who have been abused this act of congruency is not something they saw growing up, so it is frightening to act in accord with values and feelings that are hidden. My fictional heroine, Naomi grew up in a place where generations of her people we taught to disown themselves just like all who are abused do. We need to overcome!!Think that can’t be done? Think again! Father Abraham did it, Moses did it, a shepherd boy named David did it, Daniel did it, Nehemiah did it, and our high priest who stands at the right hand of God interceding for those who have claimed atonement in him; yes even Jesus did it!

The question that no one has asked thus far, is one I’ll answer today, ie. “Is there a difference between the generational fear that causes people to teach each generation to hide, and individual fear generated by a particular issue, person, or situation?”

The answer is a universal, “No! There is no difference. At its root fear occurs where God is not present, and His Word is not studied. Where God is sovereign, fear which is the antithesis of God’s shalom His peace which transcends all human understanding changes our reaction, cannot be understood or entered into. Thus choosing to believe that with God all things are possible, we, the abused have purposed a new life based on the future instead of being trapped by the past.

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