Friday, April 18, 2014

Be Prepared for Unexpected Blessings Abound!

Having been in, and mentored many through their recovery process, I know that most fear the unexpected. Yet once you’ve started owning the you, you want to be, the very you, God created you to be, you’ll start to see that an amazing life awaits. All you have you have to do is claim it! Wonder how? It’s as easy or hard as saying “Yes!” too what you need and moving forward from there to into the life that beckons you.

Today, I’m sharing a blessing give to me by my dear friend, author, and now a fabulous maker of video trailers, John Hale better known on Amazon as Hamburger Fry! Enjoy!!

This book is available in Kindle at:


  1. This was an honor and a pleasure to create for you Paula! With each video I create I learn a little something more about the art of making these trailers. :-)

    -John Hale/Hamburger Fry

  2. I was blessed when you asked me if I like a trailer for my book, and blessed by you throughout the process, John!