Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Join the LAMB Ladies and exclaim, “God danced the day I was born!”

If you’re tired of the small talk that hides what’s inside. If you feel as if making do won’t due anymore for you, and if trying to make yourself into a replica of what you think you’re supposed to be makes you feel worse than you did before, it’s because God has a better plan for you than you can see while in the pain.

If you’re where I was, you’ve nothing to lose but staying stuck in the same old, same old like all my LAMB Ladies were…then try to image a happy you, one that’s not pretending to be, one that’s happy by just being the ‘SHE’ God created you to be!

And if you do what my LAMB Ladies decided to do one day you to will exclaim, as we have, "God danced on the day I was born!”

Just thinking how very true that is makes me smile. Just knowing that you’ll be smiling to when you meet the real fabulous YOU brings me joy!

If you're, like me, and all who’ve done as we did because being stuck was too painful to endure then take my hand, and I’ll show you a loving God who knew you before he formed the world. The God who hurts for you when you’re in pain. The God who has always known you name, and has it engraved on the palm of his hand.

Author, Paula Rose Michelson
Even as a child in Elementary school, Paula Rose Michelson’s greatest joy was befriending and helping others kids because doing that allowed her to see herself as a person who had value. When her mother asked, “Can’t you find any normal kids to bring home?” Paula’s response, “There are no normal people,” laid the bedrock of her life and was the foreshadowing of LAMB Ministry. 

Stumped, her mom understood that this child was one who was not like the others. 

So, if you’re feeling misunderstood or have been told, “You are, different than…this woman, who has walked alone down the road you’re on, can show you the blessings inherent in realizing the truth of these few worlds that she penned to her grandson, which say

“You get to be you, and I get to be me. All you have to do is figure out who you want to be.” Paula knows that though it’s easy to say, owning your own reality when you haven’t done that before can be frightening. 

However, one day you’ll see that staying stuck because you fear what’ll happen isn’t worth the pain, especially since giving it to Messiah means he’ll use it to shed light into someone else’ life, and that, Paula believes, is when you’ll begin to see God in the midst of your once painful reality! 

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