Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paula Rose Michelson's 5 Star Review says, "Take a Bite of ‘Christmas Cake’ and Experience God's Love!"

It seems in this season of blessing that I almost missed one! I say that because as an indie author eager to promote my books, I was doing what most do to let readers and shoppers know about them in the hope they might feel one would be what they were looking for to bless a friend or loved one who, like me, have found some of their happiest moments within the pages of a now much treasured story.

However, the Lord used a budding friendship to encourage me to download and read `The Christmas Cake', and I shall be forever grateful! I say this though I must confess when I told the author her book was nestled within my Kindle, she told me that the recipe was at the back of the book, I tersely replied, "I don't bake!" But having wept sad and then joyful tears as I read this amazing story, I must share that I will bake the `Christmas Cake' every year and gift it and this story to those I don't know as well as those I hold dear!

For as the wife of a pastor and missionary, I have longed for and written stories to call the wandering home and cause the lost to secure a forever in eternity with my Savior and Lord. All of this Joyce Swann has done in her tender loving story completed, I believe, when the reader takes a bite of `Christmas Cake'! So if you, like me, wish to share the greatest love do it with this cake, which speaks of God's eternal love for each of us and when you do remember the givers gift is complete for there, much like this story, is nothing more to say. Kindle:


  1. Delighted and smiling, for I know the blessings I had will be yours toooo!