Monday, December 1, 2014

NO OTHER CHOICE ~ Amazon top RANKED MUST READ ~ Katie Mettner's lovely 5 Star Review!

I have gotten to know Ms. Michelson over the past few months and set about the journey of reading ‘No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One’. Am I ever glad I did! 

The author writes with such love and knowledge of the Lord that it comes through on every page. Whether Naomi is distraught or happy, she trusts that He will help her and lead her to the answers she needs. 

An excellent job of explaining all of the history of the Jewish people's plight without making it complicated or boring, is an added feature, for this book takes you back in time and gives you such an in depth glance at how heartbreaking their story truly is. 

Naomi is a strong, beautiful poignant character and you get to hear her darkest fears and celebrate with her greatest achievements. 

When you finish, Ms. Michelson leaves you to think about all Naomi has been through (and thus the Jewish people as well) only to bring you back to the second book to find out what happens next in the saga. I highly recommend ‘No Other Choice’!

About Author, Paula Rose Michelson

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