Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Celebrate With Me! Two of My Books on Amazon’s Bestsellers List!

I had not planned to post again till sometime next week. However, God blessed my work, so I'm sharing this blessing in the hopes you'll find them in your life as I so often do! And so it is with thanksgiving and prayers that all my author friends experience the blessings I have that I share again for the…to many times to keep track of that both the first of The Naomi Chronicles –

No Other Choice’ is on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers List in the categories of: Fiction, Family and Women’s Inspirational!

Naomi will be sent back! She left her family and all she held dear, traveled half way around the word while accompanying a blind, old grandmother because they promised to help her enter America and find her uncle. Instead they handed her over to immigration. What she does now, she does because there is no other choice!

And ‘From Why Johnny Can’t Read’ to See Paula Write!” has also garnered an audience placing it in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers List in the categories of: Counseling & Recovery, Self-help and Religion & Spirituality!

Written to encourage others who feel ‘less than’ Paula Rose Michelson shares how she was unable to learn until the third grade when it was discovered that she was very nearsighted, and at age 60 realizing that she was profoundly dyslexic. This is the authors’ journey from fear of writing to the blessing of writing for God. 

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